Saturday Meme- 5 Things That Make You Happy

Hello! Am already back in Kuala Lumpur since Monday evening but have been busy playing catch up with some things (And chores) and I am apparently still recovering from “jet lag”, hence the lack of a “normal” post this whole week, even though I did plan to have one up :x But I thought this would be a good prompt to get me back into the groove! That, and I’m kind of cracking my head with what to review- reason will be up next week, so stay tuned as regular posting will hopefully by next week! :P

Anyway, to kick start today’s Saturday Meme, again with my dear Sukie of A Little Bit of Everything, we’ll be talking about 5 Things That Make You Happy! I do think I definitely have more than 5 things that would make me happy (As is the case with every Saturday Meme), but these are the ones that had immediately sprung to my mind when I was writing this up, so here’s mine in no particular order! :)

1. Books

Image nicked from here.

I absolutely love love love books. Nothing can beat books in my book (Pun intended), especially physical books. I’ve been told I could read since I was 2 years old and I have never looked back since. Want to keep me quiet? Just throw me a book and I will be, and I can spend a lot of time pottering about a bookstore >_< I will literally read anything, except autobiographies or biographies (For some reason, I don’t like them), and I dream of one day owning my own private library/reading room with ceiling-to-floor bookcases for my books, which I have a lot of because I read quite fast and hence go through a lot of them :P Buying and reading books just give me great pleasure.

2. Wind Chimes

Image nicked from here.

For some reason I am apparently quite partial to the sound of wind chimes- metal, glass, bamboo, ceramic/porcelain, whatever, as it makes me feel happy and most of all calm. Why? I’m not too sure myself, but it’s a very welcome sound to my ears :) Too bad most of the time it doesn’t seem to be windy enough here, as the wind chimes hung on my front porch hardly make any noise. Maybe that or they need a windier place hmmm.

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Accessories From Sweet Contemplation Accessories

I’ve known about Sweet Contemplation Accessories since its inception in 2009, as I also follow the beauty blog of Tine, the founder/creator/designer and all-over brains and hands behind it :) I love all her creations, but have often shied away or for some reason put off purchasing something. Maybe it’s because of the variety of choices, though I still have my eye on the Byzantium bracelet :P

You can also be assured that anything from Sweet Contemplation Accessories is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind! They have a large variety of accessories and also do custom orders ;)

My first experience with something from Sweet Contemplation Accessories was from the My Women Stuff Reader’s Choice Awards 2011, where all the attendees were given a necklace as part of its goodie bag- we weren’t told what it is, but it’s something! It turned out to be a really pretty, really well-made long dangly necklace. I was impressed and am pretty much very in love with it :)

Then I saw the necklace on this post and then on Twitter, and I was enamoured. I didn’t think much, and immediately requested for one :P It was a custom order, taking several emails to finalise the details, and I was super excited when it arrived, as it was my very first proper purchase from Sweet Contemplation Accessories! It looks way better in real life and when worn, and is simple yet elegant at the same time.

I’ll make a confession here though- I’d only wear the necklaces during special occasions or when the occasion calls for the need for them though. I tend to be quite loyal to the jewellery I am currently wearing and hardly take them off and switch around :x That, and I don’t want to risk accidentally ruining these lovely pieces! They do, of course, have a place of pride and love in my heart and are displayed out because they’re just too special and pretty to be relagated to the insides of my jewellery box :P

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