Doing My Own Makeup For…

Hello! Am now in Labuan and will most probably be here until the end of February :) It’s going to be quite a busy year for me- with courses and flying back and forth, but in the meantime I’ll still try to update as much as I can!

As most of you might know, I am here not only for work, but also for the solemnisation, or the registration of my marriage to my dear other half, which was held on the 19th January 2013 :) It was a short, legal ceremony at the National Registration Department with the ring exchange and signing of the marriage certificate, followed by a beach pre-wedding photoshoot, and finally a simple buffet dinner reception later that night at the Palm Beach Resort & Spa beach pavilion for our employees, friends, clients and suppliers here.


And… I actually did my own makeup for the whole day! :P It’s quite a feat considering how I don’t exactly have confidence in my own makeup skills, and for such an important event as well :s I also did my own hair! It’s not that I wanted to skimp on a hairdresser or a makeup artist, but there were no reliable ones here so I had no choice really :(

I have to say- this is the most makeup I’ve ever brought along to Labuan, as I usually go with the bare minimum and  ones that are easier to travel with, but since this is a special occasion I guess allowances has to be made :P I’m also trying to go for a more natural, polished look, as it’s by the beach and not so formal so no need for anything special.

So what were the makeup I used for my big day?

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News – RMK Makeup Workshop By International Japanese Artist

Today’s Sunday Tip is temporarily interrupted to bring you the very first news post ever featured on Beaute Fabuleuse! A milestone! :D Also, because this week has been a little bit crazy work-wise and I was not able to get Sunday Tip done in time, or more like on time to my liking unfortunately :x Much apologies to the fans of Sunday Tip :( I promise I will try my best to have it properly resumed next week onward! :)

But fret not, for I bring news that piques even my own interest :D Let it be known I am no longer a subscriber of any of those coupon/group purchase deal thinga-ma-jigs (Due to a variety of reasons) and neither am I a fan, but I was notified of this great deal by RMK Malaysia and could not pass up the opportunity to share it out with you all.

Imaged nicked from RMK.

It is a 2 Hour Hands On Workshop, which will be conducted by RMK‘s international makeup artist Shinji Kaneko in conjuction with the RMK Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection, Deep Iridescence. The workshops will be conducted at The Gardens Mid Valley on Friday, 5th October 2012 and Sunday, 7th October 2012 and Suria KLCC  on Saturday, 6th October 2012. For more details and information on the workshop, and also to attend, you will need to visit the Groupon for the deal here or here. No, unfortunately it’s not free :P

It does seem like a very interesting workshop from what I have read, and there seems to be quite gratuitous freebies as well! :D Not only that, though, you will get to enhance your makeup skills, meet some new people and most of all get and learn tips and tricks from a professional makeup artist, so it would be a great experience in my opinion. To be honest, I am personally intrigued and would love to attend it myself, as I am quite interested in RMK and would love to experience their products more apart from the RMK Liquid Foundation (Reviewed here), RMK Pressed Powder N and RMK Cheek Brush S which I own and love, but I am unable to commit as I am still unsure when I will be able to get my behind back to K.L. at the moment :( But if I am able to make it I would definitely attend! :D

What about you? Are you interested/intrigued and planning to attend? :)

Also, today is a special day, not just because of the debut of Beaute Fabuleuse‘s first news post, but because it is dear Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything‘s birthday! Yes we are 10 days apart :P Please don’t forget to wish her a very happy birthday and all the best in everything! <3 I do hope she’s enjoying herself! ;)

Saturday Meme- 5 Favourite Brands

Hurrah for getting the Saturday Meme on its proper day this week! ;) Hopefully it shall continue becoming a tradition as I am quite enjoying it, though sometimes brainstorming the contents can be a pain! :P

In this week’s installment of the Saturday MemeSukie of A Little Bit Of Everything and I shall talk about our 5 favourite brands! Although admittedly I think we do favour more than 5 brands but for the sake of brevity we shall narrow it down to 5 or else it shall be a never-ending post :x

Without further adieu, here are my 5 favourite brands, again listed in no particular order:

1. RMK

I own and use the RMK Liquid Foundation (Reviewed here), RMK Pressed Powder N in 03 and the RMK Cheek Brush S, and I love them all! I have to say this is one makeup brand that has worked for me (More like my fussy, sensitive skin) so far and with good results, and I am mightily pleased with it so it earns a spot in this list! I would actually love to try more of their products- maybe their RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer or RMK Super Basic Concealer Pact or eye make-up or lip products even (I’m not so sure yet myself!), but the downside for me is that the nearest available RMK counter to me isn’t exactly near so I don’t really have the luxury of being able to try out their products at my convenience… but I think it’s kind of a good thing in a way since that would mean my pocket is much happier :P

2. Timbuk2

This is my first “gadgety” functional bag love, introduced to me by non other than my dearest functional-bag-loving boyfriend Louis. I love their concept and I love their designs. I own a customised D-Lux Bondage Messenger in XS (Just the right size for me, as their sizes run big!), which I got during my last trip to Singapore as they had a standalone store there, and it cost me SGD 179 so it wasn’t exactly cheap, but is worth every cent! I look forward to owning more Timbuk2 bags though- maybe a Cargo Tote or the Harriet Shoulder Bag or another Messenger since they’re so functional, comfortable, tough and sturdy, but maybe not for a while yet since I have another functional bag in the post for me from my sister from another mister ;)

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RMK Liquid Foundation

This is the liquid foundation that started it all for me. I’ve always had the misconception that liquid foundation was thicker and thus heavier than compact or powder foundations, and have always shied away from them. Also, the fact that most liquid foundations I saw had alcohol in them, and an unfortunate, one-time, long-time-ago experiment with Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF15 that contained a load of alcohol (I could smell it as I dispensed and applied it) and broke me out further put me off.

I forgot how I ended up with sample satchets of the liquid foundation and primer from the RMK counter in Isetan at The Gardens MidValley, and it was sitting in my bathroom cabinet for quite a while until one day, I just decided to give the liquid foundation a go. And I never regretted that decision or looked back since!

RMK Liquid Foundation

The essential RMK Liquid Foundation to create the brand’s signature natural-looking skin. Its fresh and light fluid texture spreads easily over the skin, creating a seamless balance of coverage and translucency to emulate the look of bare skin. The waterproof formulation protects against perspiration and water for long-lasting perfection.

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The Brush Guard- Blush (S) And Foundation (M)

I love brushes :P Especially face brushes. Over time I think I’ve amassed quite a collection of them: The Body Shop Blusher Brush, Sephora Collection Classic Mineral Powder Brush #45, MAC 129SH Powder Blush Brush, Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush, Real Techniques Blush Brush, Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush, Ecotools Bamboo Powder Brush, Lunasol Powder Brush N, Lunasol Cheek Brush N and RMK Cheek Brush S. And being the OCD person I am, I tend to be quite obsessive about keeping them clean, considering how they come into contact with my face!

I clean my brushes once a week at the very least with M.A.C Brush Cleanser (The best brush cleanser I have used and tried in my opinion- I went through bottles of this), or every time I change powders or foundations and want to use that same particular brush I’ve been using. I honestly forgot where I first heard about The Brush Guard from, but being a clean freak who wants to keep her brushes as clean and “uncontaminated” as possible, got them especially as my brush collection grew :P

The Brush GuardBlush Pack (S) and Foundation Pack (M)

The Brush Guard, according to its site, is supposed to protect your brushes, not just in general, but also from the “ickies”- old makeup, dead skin cells, bacteria, dust and dirt and oil. It also supposedly makes travelling with and storing brushes more convenient and easy.

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