L’Occitane Lavender Hand Purifying Gel

Those who know me will know that I have minor OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), and apart from obsessing over cleaning my room and arranging my things the way I want them to be arranged, I need to keep my hands clean. As a result, there’s always a bottle of hand sanitiser in my bag, along with antibacterial wet wipes (When applicable, especially when travelling). However, hand sanitisers tend to dry out my hands, so either I have to cut down on the frequency of my usage, or add a tube of hand cream to my bag… which adds to the weight of my bag so it’s not that ideal.

Enter the L’Occitane Lavender Hand Purifying Gel. I checked it out earlier during my outing with Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything and Hanny of Hanny’s Random Ramblings, but I only got it later when I bought my second bottle of L’Occitane 5 Essential Oils Repairing Conditioner (Which I mentioned about and reviewed here) because I needed a hand sanitiser to bring along to my trip to Labuan and also because I have read the mention about it here from Beautyholics Anonymous.

L’Occitane Lavender Hand Purifying Gel

“Cleanses without water nor soap!

For squeaky-clean hands anytime, anywhere, this hydroalcoholic Lavender Purifying Hand Gel lets you “wash” your hands without the need for soap or water. Thanks to its portable size, you can take this gel anywhere – simply keep one in your handbag, glove compartment, etc.

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L’Occitane 5 Essential Oils Repairing Conditioner

I’ve always been intrigued by L’Occitane, but for some reason never found anything to get there that truly interested me. Sure, I’ve tried the L’Occitane Organic Lavender Shower Gel quite some time ago but it didn’t hold my interest for very long, and it was the only thing I’ve ever gotten from there.

Until the lovely meetup with fellow bloggers Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything and Hanny of Hanny’s Random Ramblings (And Hanny‘s friend, Miaw) :D You can read about it here! I have to say that I really enjoyed spending time with them- we just clicked very well, and I am looking forward to more meetings with them in the future ;D Also in the plans together, a trip to Ipoh to visit fellow blogger Lily of Chloe.Ash :)

We were wandering around MidValley Megamall and The Gardens and visited almost all the beauty/makeup/skincare shops and kiosks, including L’Occitane. It was then that Sukie mentioned that she loves the Repairing Conditioner. I had a look at it and didn’t think much of it, and we continued our little wandering :P Then somehow it sparked in my mind to try it out, and so we returned to L’Occitane and I got it. It was the last one!

L’Occitane 5 Essential Oils Repairing Conditioner For Dry And Damaged Hair

Formulated with a natural vegetable complex of 5 essential oils (angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and sweet orange) and sweet almond oil, this conditioner helps repair dry, damaged, colour-treated or chemically-treated hair. Strengthening and regenerating, it nourishes and helps to restore capillary fibers. It will detangle, soften and add lustre to hair.

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