L’Occitane 5 Essential Oils Repairing Conditioner

I’ve always been intrigued by L’Occitane, but for some reason never found anything to get there that truly interested me. Sure, I’ve tried the L’Occitane Organic Lavender Shower Gel quite some time ago but it didn’t hold my interest for very long, and it was the only thing I’ve ever gotten from there.

Until the lovely meetup with fellow bloggers Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything and Hanny of Hanny’s Random Ramblings (And Hanny‘s friend, Miaw) :D You can read about it here! I have to say that I really enjoyed spending time with them- we just clicked very well, and I am looking forward to more meetings with them in the future ;D Also in the plans together, a trip to Ipoh to visit fellow blogger Lily of Chloe.Ash :)

We were wandering around MidValley Megamall and The Gardens and visited almost all the beauty/makeup/skincare shops and kiosks, including L’Occitane. It was then that Sukie mentioned that she loves the Repairing Conditioner. I had a look at it and didn’t think much of it, and we continued our little wandering :P Then somehow it sparked in my mind to try it out, and so we returned to L’Occitane and I got it. It was the last one!

L’Occitane 5 Essential Oils Repairing Conditioner For Dry And Damaged Hair

Formulated with a natural vegetable complex of 5 essential oils (angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and sweet orange) and sweet almond oil, this conditioner helps repair dry, damaged, colour-treated or chemically-treated hair. Strengthening and regenerating, it nourishes and helps to restore capillary fibers. It will detangle, soften and add lustre to hair.

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Sunday Tip #4 And Happy New Year 2012!

Every Sunday I shall share here a beauty tip that I’ve read or heard about, and leave my comments or thoughts on it. Please feel free to leave your views, too! :)

I TRY to avoid doing it but sometimes I can’t help it, because I feel “incomplete” if I don’t apply conditioner and/or hair products up to the scalp. To me, it doesn’t seem to clog my pores or weigh my hair down (I have really thick hair- think Hermione), but instead it makes my scalp itch and I get some dry flakes on my scalp, which can look like dandruff but isn’t. Maybe that’s clogged pores? :P Though this also depends on products for me- I find that my scalp has become extremely picky and the normal drugstore/supermarket brands will definitely make my scalp itch and flake, but “higher-end” products won’t really. The best remedy for me that I’ve been using is (At the very least) a “natural” or organic conditioner, especially if you can’t live without other shampoos and/or hair styling products. I use Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner and it makes my hair feel soft and manageable and doesn’t make my scalp itch and flake at the very least! :P

I’ve recently gotten a little hair makeover since my perm last October- now my hair is about an inch shorter and it’s red! :D I love red hair, it seems to make my complexion look brighter? I love my black hair too, though (My hair is really really black, not brownish-black but real black) but it just seems a bit dull with my curls :( And yes, I am wearing the same scarf in both the photos :D

And of course, wishing everyone Happy New Year 2012! May this year be better than the last! ;) I’ve definitely had a great year, and am looking forward to what 2012 may bring! :) I’m definitely enjoying my New Year.