Doing My Own Makeup For…

Hello! Am now in Labuan and will most probably be here until the end of February :) It’s going to be quite a busy year for me- with courses and flying back and forth, but in the meantime I’ll still try to update as much as I can!

As most of you might know, I am here not only for work, but also for the solemnisation, or the registration of my marriage to my dear other half, which was held on the 19th January 2013 :) It was a short, legal ceremony at the National Registration Department with the ring exchange and signing of the marriage certificate, followed by a beach pre-wedding photoshoot, and finally a simple buffet dinner reception later that night at the Palm Beach Resort & Spa beach pavilion for our employees, friends, clients and suppliers here.


And… I actually did my own makeup for the whole day! :P It’s quite a feat considering how I don’t exactly have confidence in my own makeup skills, and for such an important event as well :s I also did my own hair! It’s not that I wanted to skimp on a hairdresser or a makeup artist, but there were no reliable ones here so I had no choice really :(

I have to say- this is the most makeup I’ve ever brought along to Labuan, as I usually go with the bare minimum and  ones that are easier to travel with, but since this is a special occasion I guess allowances has to be made :P I’m also trying to go for a more natural, polished look, as it’s by the beach and not so formal so no need for anything special.

So what were the makeup I used for my big day?

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Lemming List – January 2013

To start off the new year, here’s my Lemming List, the January 2013 edition!

Hopefully the Lemming List will be a more frequent thing on beaute fabuleuse– maybe not monthly, but more of a 3- to 6-months-once thing? I was looking through and pinning stuff on one of my Pinterest boards- Beauty Stuff I Want– when I thought, “Hey, why not?” :P I am also partly inspired by one of Joyce of Bronzer Bunny‘s post- Brands I Want More Of In 2013 :) However, not every single thing I want is on this list, though, just things I am really crushing on as I’m writing this post right now!

Lemming List January 2013

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Delayed Saturday Meme- 5 Lusts Of The Month

This week’s Sunday Tip is temporarily replaced with a delayed Saturday Meme– something new that Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything and I have come up with, but it was kind of late when we did hence the post being up on a Sunday instead :) Sunday Tip will be back up next week and there will be a meme post every Saturday (Hopefully!) :P

So, anyway, as per the title, these are my current 5 lusts of the month, in no particular order:

1. Mulberry Alexa

Image nicked from Mulberry.

I think this is a permanent resident on my lust list. I forgot when I started erm, lusting after this bag, but I really really really like it. A trip to the local Mulberry store in Suria KLCC quite some time ago just to view it physically further cemented my love for this bag because it does meet my fussy bag specifications- the fact that it can be slung on the shoulder or cross-body (In case one shoulder gets tired), the size (Not too big and not too small) and most importantly, how it looks on me. It’s simply, to me, beautiful and just right. Oh well, soon! Though I don’t think I plan to get it in Malaysia :P Oh, and I like it in dark brown, not black or any other colour for some reason.

2. A crown ring

Image nicked from Indulgent Designs on Etsy.

Somehow, I love these rings. I find them very special and unique. I’ve had my eye on the Poh Kong Disney Princess crown ring (Which is like a whole crown/tiara as pictured) for quite some time but for some reason have not brought myself to buy it for myself… so we’ll see :P I might get that or I might get the one(s) pictured hmm decisions decisions!

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