Saturday Meme- 5 Favourite Brands

Hurrah for getting the Saturday Meme on its proper day this week! ;) Hopefully it shall continue becoming a tradition as I am quite enjoying it, though sometimes brainstorming the contents can be a pain! :P

In this week’s installment of the Saturday MemeSukie of A Little Bit Of Everything and I shall talk about our 5 favourite brands! Although admittedly I think we do favour more than 5 brands but for the sake of brevity we shall narrow it down to 5 or else it shall be a never-ending post :x

Without further adieu, here are my 5 favourite brands, again listed in no particular order:

1. RMK

I own and use the RMK Liquid Foundation (Reviewed here), RMK Pressed Powder N in 03 and the RMK Cheek Brush S, and I love them all! I have to say this is one makeup brand that has worked for me (More like my fussy, sensitive skin) so far and with good results, and I am mightily pleased with it so it earns a spot in this list! I would actually love to try more of their products- maybe their RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer or RMK Super Basic Concealer Pact or eye make-up or lip products even (I’m not so sure yet myself!), but the downside for me is that the nearest available RMK counter to me isn’t exactly near so I don’t really have the luxury of being able to try out their products at my convenience… but I think it’s kind of a good thing in a way since that would mean my pocket is much happier :P

2. Timbuk2

This is my first “gadgety” functional bag love, introduced to me by non other than my dearest functional-bag-loving boyfriend Louis. I love their concept and I love their designs. I own a customised D-Lux Bondage Messenger in XS (Just the right size for me, as their sizes run big!), which I got during my last trip to Singapore as they had a standalone store there, and it cost me SGD 179 so it wasn’t exactly cheap, but is worth every cent! I look forward to owning more Timbuk2 bags though- maybe a Cargo Tote or the Harriet Shoulder Bag or another Messenger since they’re so functional, comfortable, tough and sturdy, but maybe not for a while yet since I have another functional bag in the post for me from my sister from another mister ;)

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I Love Uniqlo!

Yes, my love for Uniqlo warrants its own blog post :P It’s also partly suggested/recommended by Giddy Tigress, who mentioned something fashion-related for a change, and I had this post drafted on my personal blog for quite some time already so why not?

Uniqlo is a Japanese casual apparel brand and retail store that is apparently quite famous in Japan, and has outlets not only here in Malaysia, but also in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and even Russia, France, the United Kingdom and also the United States.

My love affair for Uniqlo started in August 2010 during my trip to Singapore, at the 313@Somerset in Orchard Road outlet to be more precise. I have heard about the store and brand before, but did not really expect to find it in Singapore, so it was a pleasant surprise :P And as seeing as there was no Uniqlo in Malaysia yet, bought a few things that caught my eye.

In November 2010 the first Uniqlo store in Malaysia opened in Fahrenheight 88, later followed by an outlet in Suria KLCC, and most recently, a year after the first outlet, they opened in 1 Utama.

My collection since then has grown :P

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