Sunday Tip #12

Every Sunday I shall share here a beauty tip that I’ve read or heard about, and leave my comments or thoughts on it. Please feel free to leave your views, too! :)

Makeup applicators include brushes and sponges! It may be my OCD speaking but I find this very important- wouldn’t want built up dust, bacteria and old makeup on your face wouldn’t you? :P It may, after all, even interfere with your makeup application- making makeup look powdery/cakey/uneven.

I clean my brushes at least once a week, and if I’m trying a new product that requires a brush (e.g. powder foundation) I will clean the brush prior to using it on the product. I love M.A.C Brush Cleanser and always go back to it after having tried out other brush cleansers and/or other brush cleansing methods. It doesn’t last very long the way I use it- apply the brush cleanser, work it in, rinse with water, repeat if necessary until clean- but it does cleanse very thoroughly and I find that it cuts down the drying time, even for dense brushes. Also, going through bottles of it quickly means hello Back To M.A.C haha! :P I then wipe the washed brushes on a towel after cleansing, then wipe again on a microfibre towel or cloth and wrap it up in the microfibre towel or cloth (To protect against dust) to dry overnight.

As for other makeup applicators e.g. sponges, I tend to change them every 2 weeks if I am using them everyday, and I buy a large packet of makeup sponges for that purpose (Usually the ones from Guardian Pharmacy) :x

The Brush Guard- Blush (S) And Foundation (M)

I love brushes :P Especially face brushes. Over time I think I’ve amassed quite a collection of them: The Body Shop Blusher Brush, Sephora Collection Classic Mineral Powder Brush #45, MAC 129SH Powder Blush Brush, Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush, Real Techniques Blush Brush, Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush, Ecotools Bamboo Powder Brush, Lunasol Powder Brush N, Lunasol Cheek Brush N and RMK Cheek Brush S. And being the OCD person I am, I tend to be quite obsessive about keeping them clean, considering how they come into contact with my face!

I clean my brushes once a week at the very least with M.A.C Brush Cleanser (The best brush cleanser I have used and tried in my opinion- I went through bottles of this), or every time I change powders or foundations and want to use that same particular brush I’ve been using. I honestly forgot where I first heard about The Brush Guard from, but being a clean freak who wants to keep her brushes as clean and “uncontaminated” as possible, got them especially as my brush collection grew :P

The Brush GuardBlush Pack (S) and Foundation Pack (M)

The Brush Guard, according to its site, is supposed to protect your brushes, not just in general, but also from the “ickies”- old makeup, dead skin cells, bacteria, dust and dirt and oil. It also supposedly makes travelling with and storing brushes more convenient and easy.

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