Moniko Handmade Vintage Kimono Clutches

I have a really HUGE thing for anything handmade. Even better if they feature Japanese fabrics or prints, which I personally find very beautiful most of the time. So having stumbled upon these lovely clutches, handmade from vintage kimono, at a shop called Allison’s Place in Damansara Heights (When dearest Mummy and I ended up to run some company-related errands), I was over the moon. Not only is it handmade and of Japanese fabric, but also vintage, which is a huge plus! And kimono, which I really, really love.

Random fact: I own a vintage kimono (Just the kimono, apart from my two yukata sets), which is very very beautiful but very very expensive, and I am looking forward to expanding my collection in the near future hehe!

They are handmade by Moniko, and to be more specific, they’re made from vintage kimono obi, which are the “belts” or sash of the kimono and are thicker and sturdier than the kimono itself. These in particular were made from fukuro obi, which are obi worn at ceremonial and celebratory events. Each clutch comes with a little description and story about the fabric used (One- the one with the green design, dates back from the year 1970), as well as a product number, which makes it really so unique at the same time!

OK enough teasing I guess!

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Saturday Meme- 5 Favourite Brands

Hurrah for getting the Saturday Meme on its proper day this week! ;) Hopefully it shall continue becoming a tradition as I am quite enjoying it, though sometimes brainstorming the contents can be a pain! :P

In this week’s installment of the Saturday MemeSukie of A Little Bit Of Everything and I shall talk about our 5 favourite brands! Although admittedly I think we do favour more than 5 brands but for the sake of brevity we shall narrow it down to 5 or else it shall be a never-ending post :x

Without further adieu, here are my 5 favourite brands, again listed in no particular order:

1. RMK

I own and use the RMK Liquid Foundation (Reviewed here), RMK Pressed Powder N in 03 and the RMK Cheek Brush S, and I love them all! I have to say this is one makeup brand that has worked for me (More like my fussy, sensitive skin) so far and with good results, and I am mightily pleased with it so it earns a spot in this list! I would actually love to try more of their products- maybe their RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer or RMK Super Basic Concealer Pact or eye make-up or lip products even (I’m not so sure yet myself!), but the downside for me is that the nearest available RMK counter to me isn’t exactly near so I don’t really have the luxury of being able to try out their products at my convenience… but I think it’s kind of a good thing in a way since that would mean my pocket is much happier :P

2. Timbuk2

This is my first “gadgety” functional bag love, introduced to me by non other than my dearest functional-bag-loving boyfriend Louis. I love their concept and I love their designs. I own a customised D-Lux Bondage Messenger in XS (Just the right size for me, as their sizes run big!), which I got during my last trip to Singapore as they had a standalone store there, and it cost me SGD 179 so it wasn’t exactly cheap, but is worth every cent! I look forward to owning more Timbuk2 bags though- maybe a Cargo Tote or the Harriet Shoulder Bag or another Messenger since they’re so functional, comfortable, tough and sturdy, but maybe not for a while yet since I have another functional bag in the post for me from my sister from another mister ;)

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Delayed Saturday Meme- 5 Lusts Of The Month

This week’s Sunday Tip is temporarily replaced with a delayed Saturday Meme– something new that Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything and I have come up with, but it was kind of late when we did hence the post being up on a Sunday instead :) Sunday Tip will be back up next week and there will be a meme post every Saturday (Hopefully!) :P

So, anyway, as per the title, these are my current 5 lusts of the month, in no particular order:

1. Mulberry Alexa

Image nicked from Mulberry.

I think this is a permanent resident on my lust list. I forgot when I started erm, lusting after this bag, but I really really really like it. A trip to the local Mulberry store in Suria KLCC quite some time ago just to view it physically further cemented my love for this bag because it does meet my fussy bag specifications- the fact that it can be slung on the shoulder or cross-body (In case one shoulder gets tired), the size (Not too big and not too small) and most importantly, how it looks on me. It’s simply, to me, beautiful and just right. Oh well, soon! Though I don’t think I plan to get it in Malaysia :P Oh, and I like it in dark brown, not black or any other colour for some reason.

2. A crown ring

Image nicked from Indulgent Designs on Etsy.

Somehow, I love these rings. I find them very special and unique. I’ve had my eye on the Poh Kong Disney Princess crown ring (Which is like a whole crown/tiara as pictured) for quite some time but for some reason have not brought myself to buy it for myself… so we’ll see :P I might get that or I might get the one(s) pictured hmm decisions decisions!

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Saturday Photo Meme- What’s In Your Bag

So I have been off the grid for far too long (Been very busy, and although I have a few posts drafted, am not entirely satisfied with the photos I’ve taken for them hence the enormous delay), and so, at the beseeching and suggestion of dear Sukie from A Little Bit Of Everything, decided to start getting back into the groove with this post, which is so right up my alley too! :) It’s suggested by Sukie and taken from Yumeko of A Dream Of Tokyo.

Apologies for the dark lighting- it was night when I took these photos after Sukie suggested I do this post :P

1. Cellphone/Mobile Phone.

Black Apple iPhone 4, with a black LifeProof case. I got the sticker from Daiso for the back because I thought it was too plain. I preferred their koi sticker which I have previously used before, but thought of going for something different instead.

2. Wallet/Purse/Whatever You Keep Your Money In.

Simple black leather bifold from Braun Buffel. Just the right size for me :) It’s been with me for about 6 years now? Love it a lot either way :D

3. Something In Your Wallet (Cards/Coins/Money/Whatever).

I don’t keep my loyalty cards in my wallet because I have way too much (I have a separate purse for all of them-  the custom batik wristlet by Fion Poon that was very graciously gifted to me by the lovely Sukie as a graduation gift!), so pictured is part of the cards in my wallet- my NAUI Scuba Diver card and dearest Louis‘s name card (Which I keep a few of just in case) and some money of course :P

4. Makeup You Carry On The Go.

I’m not in the habit of touching up my makeup on the go (OCD really, and my makeup hardly fails me, touch wood), so I usually pack lip balm instead most of the time, and a lipstick for times when I need a little extra colour :P Oh, and I do carry an eyeliner JUST in case I forgot to apply it before leaving (Rare, but you never know) or really need to refresh my eyeliner (i.e. when I’m trying out a new eyeliner and it smudges/disappears). Pictured is Jurlique Love Balm, MAC Lustre Lipstick in Gem Of Roses, Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Manuka Honey SPF30 Lip Balm and Rouge Bunny Rouge Raven Glaze Lacquer Eyeliner.

5. Whatever Else You Wish To Share From Your Bag.

The aforementioned wristlet, the incredibly cute LeSportSac pouch I put everything else in (Tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitiser, aforementioned makeup, small notebook, a pen, spare cable, Sharpie) and my Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses in its case. I tend to want to travel as light as possible as carrying a too-heavy bag will result in painful shoulders as the day wears on, so I try to minimise the things I bring along and this is all :D

Please visit Yumeko‘s blog for the original meme post, and also fellow blogger Sukie‘s post on it too! :)

Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the groove after this ;) Have a great weekend!