Ushering In 2013 With Style…

… and a FOTD! Perhaps the very first one on beaute fabuleuse as well, even?

Now I was very excited when Lily of ChloeAsh Tweeted asking if any bloggers would love to join her and her lovely Femme Boulevard group as guests ushering in the year 2013 with style by doing a themed look (As Femme Boulevard always does every month- themed looks I mean)… and without a second thought I jumped at the offer…

This proved to be quite a challenge indeed, especially since Mum has had surgery (Her surgery was initially planned to be some time after February 2013 but it couldn’t be delayed any more due to her discomfort) and my time has been dedicated to taking care of her- making sure she does her exercises/physiotherapy and assisting her in moving around as she still needs the aid of a walker. But all is well- she’s doing much better as the days pass and I managed to come up with a look! It was not easy I tell you, especially for a makeup greenhorn such as myself :s

The theme? Shiny/metallic lids and bold/vampy lips.

Image nicked from BellaSugar.

I cracked my head for a few days wondering what should I do with the theme, and there were times I got so frustrated with experimenting I just wanted to pull out haha! I initially planned on doing a makeup mask, something like the one picture above but my inexperience and clumsy hands got the best of me :( So I had to do come up with something less elaborate and takes less skill…

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what I came up with, after almost 2 hours of experimenting and playing around:

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Merry Christmas + Updates!


So very sorry for the longer-than-usual hiatus, that caused me to even miss the 1st anniversary of beaute fabuleuse on the 11th November! But a lot of things have been happening, so I guess it was inevitable :( I promise I definitely won’t forget beaute fabuleuse‘s 2nd anniversary next year, though ;) I’m still actually still quite considerably swamped as I write this, but I have to at least give some updates now do I? :P I feel really bad for neglecting to post for so long!

Anyway, first things first- a very Merry Christmas, season’s greetings and happy holidays, and here’s to a fabulous year ahead! I’m pretty sure mine will be great and I hope yours will be too ;)

So, now… let me put you up to speed on the happenings as of late right after the jump! Kind of wordy and picture-intensive though because there’s just so much I want to update :)

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Apologies For The Hiatus!

Many apologies for being absent pretty much this whole month of October! I am back in K.L., have been since the 13th October, but have been equally swamped- not with work this time (Though just a little bit)- but with other matters which I will update about as soon as I am able to, that’s a promise :)

The hiatus might continue for a while more, or it may not- I have managed to take some time to update my product photo collection (What I call photos of products I want to write about) so if I am able to steal more time to write there will be some posts, but otherwise apologies again for being MIA and thank you so much for your patience!

Unfortunately, I’ve not even had the time to properly shop for skincare/makeup products upon coming back, though I do take some time to “update” myself on what’s new in counters whenever I can, and don’t potter around unless it’s something I need to get as skincare/makeup is not exactly high on my priority list as of now. Can’t say the same about other things though :P However, because I cannot have a post without at least an image (It feels weird), here’s one of the very few recent skincare/makeup acquisitions I have managed to lay my hands on:

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Rose, Guerlain Parure De Lumiere Light-Diffusing Foundation in 32 Ambre Clair (I might want to get another bottle in 31 Ambre Pale for when my tan goes away), Diorskin Nude By Dior Skin-Glowing Makeup in 021 Linen and Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Gentle Cleanser. Pardon the image quality if it’s different than usual- it’s taken without my usual photography props :P

Am also waiting for my latest Zuneta order to arrive- Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows, anyone? :D

P/S: You can still follow me on Twitter if that’s your cup of tea- I’m still pretty much active there!

Teaser – Urban Decay Vice Palette

Just a quick update to bring you some news of which I am terribly excited about:

Yes, I am a proud owner of the Urban Decay Vice Palette! :D Thanks to my dearest boyfriend Louis, of course ;) He seems to be my eyeshadow palette dealer, that man. It’s not launched in Malaysia yet, and I got mine from Urban Decay directly as soon as it was launched on the website, but word on the grapevine is that Sephora Malaysia is going to be bringing it in so keep your eyes peeled!

A little teaser photo of the palette ahead :)

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Weekend Hiatus!

Just a little note to say that this week’s Saturday Meme and Sunday Tip will be temporarily postponed, as I will be in Kota Kinabalu (Commonly abbreviated as K.K.), Sabah, with my dearest boyfriend Louis and also my Mum (Dad does not want to go as he needs to hold the fort down) for a short trip over the weekend. The main reason? To check out The Magellan Sutera Resort at Sutera Harbour ;)

Image nicked from Sutera Harbour – just a small part of the resort here. 

It will be Louis‘s first trip to K.K. and mine (And Mum‘s) in about 6 years! And even though we won’t get to see much this trip (There won’t be time go to Kundasang, for one) because of the short duration, I’m quite excited and so is Louis :P We’re not worrying though because we will have plenty more opportunities in the future to really travel around :D

Regular posts should resume by next week! And oh, a very happy birthday to my Dad, who’s birthday is today! <3