Sunday Tip #10

Every Sunday I shall share here a beauty tip that I’ve read or heard about, and leave my comments or thoughts on it. Please feel free to leave your views, too! :)

Air conditioning may keep you cool in the hot, humid weather (Which is how the weather has been lately, to me at least), but it can also dry out your skin. And temperature fluctuations from air conditioned places to non air conditioned places can wreck havoc too. So the best way to circumvent this is to keep hydrated and moisturised! That means using a body lotion for your body and a good facial moisturiser for your face. Also, if you’re sleeping in an air conditioned room, leave out a bowl of water or use a dehumidifier and ply on a moisturising sleeping mask (Like the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX) or a heavier facial moisturiser.

Personally, I’m happy using facial oils :P At night I apply a pump of Melvita Sweet Almond Oil (Compared to few drops in the morning if I need extra hydration) on my face before bed. For my body, I alternate between Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins The Way Of The Bath Matcha Tea Body Lotion or the O.P.I Avojuice Skin Quenchers in Vanilla Snowflake (Which I have reviewed here), but I like to apply them right after showering.


L’Occitane Lavender Hand Purifying Gel

Those who know me will know that I have minor OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), and apart from obsessing over cleaning my room and arranging my things the way I want them to be arranged, I need to keep my hands clean. As a result, there’s always a bottle of hand sanitiser in my bag, along with antibacterial wet wipes (When applicable, especially when travelling). However, hand sanitisers tend to dry out my hands, so either I have to cut down on the frequency of my usage, or add a tube of hand cream to my bag… which adds to the weight of my bag so it’s not that ideal.

Enter the L’Occitane Lavender Hand Purifying Gel. I checked it out earlier during my outing with Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything and Hanny of Hanny’s Random Ramblings, but I only got it later when I bought my second bottle of L’Occitane 5 Essential Oils Repairing Conditioner (Which I mentioned about and reviewed here) because I needed a hand sanitiser to bring along to my trip to Labuan and also because I have read the mention about it here from Beautyholics Anonymous.

L’Occitane Lavender Hand Purifying Gel

“Cleanses without water nor soap!

For squeaky-clean hands anytime, anywhere, this hydroalcoholic Lavender Purifying Hand Gel lets you “wash” your hands without the need for soap or water. Thanks to its portable size, you can take this gel anywhere – simply keep one in your handbag, glove compartment, etc.

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Sunday Tip #9

Every Sunday I shall share here a beauty tip that I’ve read or heard about, and leave my comments or thoughts on it. Please feel free to leave your views, too! :)

The state of your hands, that is.

Not to boast but long before I heard about this “tip” (If it may be called so) I already had a hunch about it many many years ago- I think it was Victoria Beckham‘s and Madonna‘s hands? I was commenting to Mum about how they spent thousands of dollars (Or more) on maintaining their “young” faces but neglected their hands mainly so you can still tell their age by looking at their hands and not their faces. Not too sure about the state of their hands right now though, but there you have it :P

You can maintain the youthfulness of your hands the way you take care of your face, except in less steps- by just moisturising! With a hand cream, or if you have some unsuitable moisturisers lying around you can use them on your hands. My personal favourite hand cream is O.P.I Avoplex High Intensity Hand And Nail Cream. I find that it smells nice, absorbs fast, keeps my hands soft and is not greasy or slimy or make you feel like you have sweaty hands, all of which are important criteria to me as I use my hands a lot.

Some recommend using a heavy moisturiser/cream at night while they sleep, and/or slip on gloves, but I find it rather cumbersome and restrictive and I usually wake up in the middle of the night to remove them. Or that my hands become greasy and feel uncomfortable. But they do give really soft hands!

Sunday Tip #7

Every Sunday I shall share here a beauty tip that I’ve read or heard about, and leave my comments or thoughts on it. Please feel free to leave your views, too! :)

I read this tip quite a while back (Apologies for losing the source), and I have to say it’s my first time hearing it :P I used to exfoliate (With my homemade scrub I mentioned here) or my other scrubs AFTER shaving, as I thought it might help “scrub away” potential ingrown hairs, though I can’t say if my method worked. I didn’t experience any irritation, though. But I can understand the “extra smooth skin” part, as you’re buffing off the dead skin.

However, now that I’ve turned to waxing (At WAXxx) for my go-to hair removal method, I hardly shave unless for super important occasions (But then again, waxing keeps me hair-free for a relatively long time), but I still do exfoliate once or twice a week depending. It helps prevent ingrown hairs (As well as making your skin smooth), this I can confirm! :P

Sunday Tip #6

Every Sunday I shall share here a beauty tip that I’ve read or heard about, and leave my comments or thoughts on it. Please feel free to leave your views, too! :)

I am a HUGE fan of oils- both facial and body, have been since the thereabouts of the year 2007 and a post about that will come out by itself soon :P All skin types are sure to benefit from using oils, yes, including oily, but it depends on what oils you’re using, for example, oils like tea tree and lavender kill acne-causing bacteria. Also, you don’t need to use a lot of oil, just a few drops is more than enough to cover the entire face so it’s kind of cost effective in a way. Oils also help to regulate the sebum/oil production of the skin, keeps skin from dehydrating and restores the skin’s natural lipid barrier. I’m a convert to using oils for sure :D

I personally don’t use conventional moisturiser anymore- instead I have been using facial oils, namely Melvita Calendula Oil (For my sensitive skin) and Melvita Sweet Almond Oil (For dry skin) as the final steps in my skin care. I started using facial oils through Eve Taylor, and their Facial Oil No. 3 was actually instrumental in helping my skin recover from a rather bad breakout on my right chin back in 2008. I personally find single oils like the ones by Melvita easier to manipulate than oil blends (It’s easier to know what works and what will not), as your skin might not take well to certain oils or they might not mix well with one another. It’s all trial and error I guess, or you can turn to the internet for more guides on using oils. Pretty Beautiful and Viva Woman love their oils!

I’m finishing up my research proposal for my Masters degree application and hopefully I can have it mailed out by this week. Once it’s mailed out I can hopefully focus more on blogging! So many things to review :P Wish me luck!