about beaute fabuleuse


Beaute Fabuleuse is a Malaysian-based beauty blog comprising mainly of skincare, makeup, haircare, body care, nail-related stuff and/or fashion and accessories reviews and news. On Beaute Fabuluese, you will see mainly reviews and/or news of such products and/or services.

The name Beaute Fabuleuse, or to be more accurate, “beauté fabuleuse”, is French for “fabulous beauty”. I’ve always had a soft spot for French-translated names because they tend sound more elegant, and “fabulous beauty” which was my first pick was already taken anyway :P This blog hopes to embody the name and bring you fabulous beauty-related reviews and news!

If you’ve just stumbled in, please feel free to go through the Archives, or search through the Categories or By Tag for anything that may strike your fancy.

I hope you have as much fun reading as I did writing, and please do try to leave a comment or two on your way out! Thanks for your support! :)


For this blog, pictures are mainly taken using my Apple iPhone 4 or Panasonic Lumix LX-3 camera. Other photography accessories include a Manfrotto tripod and a studio box.


This beauty blog wouldn’t have been made possible without all the support and understanding from my parents and my dearest boyfriend husband Louis, who is ever so also supportive of my beauty quirks and habits and has become quite a maestro at it (When it comes to me) if I should say so myself :P Also, I would like to thank my little brother for his random photography assistance and tips :)

I’d also like to thank the other beauty bloggers/bloggers for their inspiration, without which I wouldn’t have started this blog too. In no particular order:

And with a very special mentions to: