Merry Christmas + Updates!


So very sorry for the longer-than-usual hiatus, that caused me to even miss the 1st anniversary of beaute fabuleuse on the 11th November! But a lot of things have been happening, so I guess it was inevitable :( I promise I definitely won’t forget beaute fabuleuse‘s 2nd anniversary next year, though ;) I’m still actually still quite considerably swamped as I write this, but I have to at least give some updates now do I? :P I feel really bad for neglecting to post for so long!

Anyway, first things first- a very Merry Christmas, season’s greetings and happy holidays, and here’s to a fabulous year ahead! I’m pretty sure mine will be great and I hope yours will be too ;)

So, now… let me put you up to speed on the happenings as of late right after the jump! Kind of wordy and picture-intensive though because there’s just so much I want to update :)

LXS Engagement 2012

1. I’m officially engaged.

No fancy, conventional proposal from the fiance- it happened when I was in Labuan back in September and we were having a chat with my parents, and he asked for their permission and blessing. In front of me. There wasn’t even a ring yet! :P But that’s OK- we’ve been talking about getting married for quite a while before that actually, initially we planned it to be in another 2 years or so but we agreed that since we plan to get married anyway, and since we have the means, why not? :)

The ring came later, when Louis was back here in K.L., as it had to be custom-made and ordered. He insisted on getting me a heart-shaped diamond ring from Love & Co instead of the Tiffany & Co bezet round diamond ring we originally had our eyes on (Which needs to be custom ordered too anyway and there’s really not much difference in pricing) because he’s never seen a heart-shaped diamond in the flesh before and thus finds it special and unique- something out of the ordinary at least and “not so commonly found”, in his words :) Am very pleased with it either way as it’s really gorgeous!

Our marriage will be officially registered on 19th January 2013, in Labuan (Because the registration department there is much more friendly and accommodating and we get a great slot!), and the tea ceremony will be held in October 2013 here in K.L. Again, no fancy, conventional, typical Chinese wedding dinners at both places as neither of us and my family are fans of it (Only the tea ceremony will be traditional and the rest are non-denominational)- instead it will be a buffet dinner for close family and some friends (And some clients and suppliers in Labuan), but the buffet dinner here in K.L. will be a great one, we promise! ;)

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 1

2. Then on the special date of 12/12/12 (We did not deliberately choose this date as the location was only free then so it was kind of a great coincidence), we had our first pre-wedding photoshoot! :D Was so nervous and excited about it, as I’ve never had a photoshoot on this scale done before :s The photographer is our mutual professional photographer friend Asyraf Lee, the make-up artist is Jen Ying and I must say they both did a really great job!

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 2

It’s a concept that I’ve always wanted (Traditional Chinese and old, opulent Shanghai Tang-style) and am pleased with the turn out :) I wish I could post more (There’s really more- imagine- 5 costume changes for me during the whole shoot in total!) but the photos aren’t completely 100% done with the post processing and I don’t want to spoil it too much yet! :P There will be another photoshoot with Asyraf again (Who’s practically our pre-wedding and wedding photographer all the way) but with a different concept and location (Haven’t decided on the date yet), and we’re looking at having one more photoshoot in Bali as well but that’s not 100% confirmed yet though :)

3. I finally had the great opportunity to meet the lovely Lily of ChloeAsh before my photoshoot! Been wanting to meet her for the longest time ever but never had the opportunity to drop by where she is, so no words can describe how excited I felt about this meeting! I was even her chauffeur for the day too (Since she lived nearby and we were going to 1 Utama) and I felt that it was quite an honour :P She’s really very elegant in person, and very down-to-earth (In more ways than one, if she remembers ahem wink)!

Meet-Up With Lily And Sukie

That’s at Whisk Outpost 1 Utama for coffee and ice cream (The Last Polka ice cream is the bomb, seriously) along with dear Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything! The three of us had quite a lovely afternoon of shopping and chatting and more shopping and chatting! OK, actually more chatting but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it! Thank you both for honouring me with the pleasure of your company, I really enjoyed it and I look forward to more meetings and outings such as this in the future… which I’m sure we’ll have more of :D Big hugs to you two lovely ladies! :)

4. I’ve also finally finished my Feng Shui Mastery course with Mastery Academy Of Chinese Metaphysics under Joey Yap. I started taking the course back in 2010, so it was about time I finished it :P

Mastery Academy Feng Shui Graduation

Not only that, I graduated with a Diploma In Feng Shui Mastery… with Distinction! To say it was unexpected would be quite an understatement, I would honestly be pleased with just the Diploma itself, so getting the Distinction was a huge bonus! The whole course took 6 grueling days from 20th November 2012 to 26th November 2012 and it was quite tough and mentally challenging, especially for those taking the Diploma exam such as yours truly here :P It was great, though, an eye-opening experience. Definitely learnt a lot and not only that, met some really really great people too! ;) And I do also owe my Distinction to them in a way :P Am truly blessed.

5. Right. Beauty-wise my skin’s been in a bit of a rut- maybe it’s all the stress :P But I’ve made quite a bit more beauty discoveries since the last post and I’m eager to share them with you as soon as I can!

6. And just only recently, Mum has a total knee replacement surgery on her left knee, which has been giving her grief for almost about a month now- it just keeps getting inflamed so the best option was the surgery. It’s nothing serious, everything went well! She’s still in post-operation recovery now so most of my time right now is kind of dedicated to helping her with physiotherapy and recovery so she can be almost fully recovered by the time we get to Labuan in January 2013 :)

Thank you for sticking with beaute fabuleuse! This may or may not be the last post for 2012, and hopefully this will try to get me back to writing more regularly- have been missing it a lot that’s for sure! In the meantime, all the best! :D


6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas + Updates!

    • *Waves back* Thank you for dropping by and commenting Lily! :D Thank you so much, she is getting better daily and I hope she’ll recover her mobility ASAP haha! Merry Christmas to you and your family too and thank you again! :)

  1. Hello Hello!!! Lovely pre-wedding photos you’ve got there! I pray Mummy Choong makes an extremely speedy recovery just so all of you can have loads of fun come January! I am so very happy for Papaw* and you <3 <3 here's to a smashing New Year and more Saturday Fun Tags when things slow down a little for us! =D Congratulations once again for doing so well in your Feng Shui course and I look forward to seeing both you and Lily sometime soon! xxxxxx

    • Hello my love! Thank you, I’ll update once my friend’s done editing them ;) I’ll be sure to convey your well wishes to Mummy Choong! <3 Thank you so much sweetheart here's to a wonderful New Year and yes more Saturday Meme please! :D Thank you again :D Oh I definitely look forward to seeing you and Lily sometime soon too! <3 <3

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