Weekend Hiatus!

Just a little note to say that this week’s Saturday Meme and Sunday Tip will be temporarily postponed, as I will be in Kota Kinabalu (Commonly abbreviated as K.K.), Sabah, with my dearest boyfriend Louis and also my Mum (Dad does not want to go as he needs to hold the fort down) for a short trip over the weekend. The main reason? To check out The Magellan Sutera Resort at Sutera Harbour ;)

Image nicked from Sutera Harbour – just a small part of the resort here. 

It will be Louis‘s first trip to K.K. and mine (And Mum‘s) in about 6 years! And even though we won’t get to see much this trip (There won’t be time go to Kundasang, for one) because of the short duration, I’m quite excited and so is Louis :P We’re not worrying though because we will have plenty more opportunities in the future to really travel around :D

Regular posts should resume by next week! And oh, a very happy birthday to my Dad, who’s birthday is today! <3


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