Saturday Meme- 5 Favourite Blogs

Here we are again at another week’s edition of Saturday Meme, along with dear Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything! :) I was THIS close to skipping this week’s Saturday Meme because I’ve been very swamped with work (Nothing new), but decided against it in the end. However, it does look like my behind will be parked here in Labuan for a little while more longer than I’ve expected :s Not that it’s a bad thing in a way, but it’s kind of stressful when you do kind of need to manage two places and make sure everything’s running smoothly! I also seem to quite miss shooting product photos with my studio box, and oh, of course I miss my guinea pig and Corgi there.

Hmm but enough digression, I shall now present to you this week’s Saturday Meme topic- 5 Favourite Blogs, which will essentially be blogs which I’ve quite recently-ish discovered and have been stalking reading more frequently lately :) I do also visit a few more other blogs, but I shall mention ones that I’ve been frequenting more recently instead! And as usual, not in chronological order or order of favouritism!

1. XKCD- Blag Of The Webcomic

Not exactly a regularly updated blog that one would expect, but when it is updated it’s always very interesting and at most, quite thought-provoking. It’s the “blag” (The author, Randall Munroe, created the word) of one of the few webcomics that I read regularly, XKCD, which is a very interesting one not only because of its simplicity (Stick figures, but well-drawn ones!), but also because of the subject matters (Science, maths, language, sci-fi and the like). Yes, aren’t you surprised that a non-beauty-related blog ended up on the list of a beauty blog’s favourite blog list? :P

2. Worshipblues

This is the blog of the ever wonderful Yasumi, who also runs the Fushigi Shop, which has been featured here on Beaute Fabuleuse as one of my favourite avenues for handmade “fings” (Yet another coined word! But this time by Yasumi herself) here :D Ever-quirky, ever-beautiful, ever-oh-so-interesting, it is never dull but always breathtaking. Be prepared to be amazed by stunning photos and her way with prose and feel inspired by her words! I am truly out of words to further describe this lovely blog, except that it’s gorgeous and inspirational in every way.

3. Bitten Before- A Dream Of Tokyo

Yet another beautiful blog, and this one by the equally lovely Yumeko in Japan, who has her own Weekly Photo Challenge up every Friday, which Sukie and I have participated in once here! :D And I guess that you can say it kind of is the basis for our Saturday Meme? :) I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog a lot and looking through her photos, and it’s a huge plus for me since I am not only a self-confessed Anglophile but also a Japanophile, and it’s great fun and very interesting to read about life there- the quirkiness, the places of interest, random everyday things and much much more!

4. Lipglossiping

Ah at last we’ve reached a proper beauty blog on the list, and one which is quite recently-ish discovered and has converted me into a fan. I love the non-traditional-style layout, which although is rather “magazine-like” (I’m not really a fan of such magazine-like layouts to be honest, but maybe it’s because I’m not really used to them), is pretty and easy to navigate, and I do especially love how Charlotte encompasses a wide range of beauty-related topics (Skin, makeup, hair, body, nails) succinctly yet professionally, supplement them with gorgeous photos, include news (Although they’re more U.K.-based) and sometimes you get glimpses of her life too! :)

5. Beauty Fool

OK this is not a recently-ish discovered blog, but actually one that I’ve been reading for quite some time already if I may say so myself! ;P And yes, I still frequent it recently so it counts! No matter how busy I am I will still try to catch up on the posts, even if I don’t comment much (Sorry!) :) It is also one of the main inspirations for Beaute Fabuleuse. Written and completely designed from scratch by the talented Renee, it’s a great yet quite refreshing beauty (And lifestyle) blog from neighbouring Singapore, also with some snippets of her life here and there (Hello Bailey!).

And of course, a very special mention to Sukie‘s A Little Bit Of Everything! Especially for being such a darling and introducing me to most of the blogs on the list! You know which ones ;)

So there you have it, my current 5 Favourite Blogs! What’s yours? ;D Sukie and me would like to know so please do tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to check out Sukie‘s 5 Favourite Blogs on your way out as well :) Sorry if I seem to be a little rambly again this week! :P I also do hope to be back in K.L. soon, so that I can have more “in-depth” Saturday Memes that don’t actually use stock photos or screenshots, but we shall see! :)


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