News – RMK Makeup Workshop By International Japanese Artist

Today’s Sunday Tip is temporarily interrupted to bring you the very first news post ever featured on Beaute Fabuleuse! A milestone! :D Also, because this week has been a little bit crazy work-wise and I was not able to get Sunday Tip done in time, or more like on time to my liking unfortunately :x Much apologies to the fans of Sunday Tip :( I promise I will try my best to have it properly resumed next week onward! :)

But fret not, for I bring news that piques even my own interest :D Let it be known I am no longer a subscriber of any of those coupon/group purchase deal thinga-ma-jigs (Due to a variety of reasons) and neither am I a fan, but I was notified of this great deal by RMK Malaysia and could not pass up the opportunity to share it out with you all.

Imaged nicked from RMK.

It is a 2 Hour Hands On Workshop, which will be conducted by RMK‘s international makeup artist Shinji Kaneko in conjuction with the RMK Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection, Deep Iridescence. The workshops will be conducted at The Gardens Mid Valley on Friday, 5th October 2012 and Sunday, 7th October 2012 and Suria KLCC  on Saturday, 6th October 2012. For more details and information on the workshop, and also to attend, you will need to visit the Groupon for the deal here or here. No, unfortunately it’s not free :P

It does seem like a very interesting workshop from what I have read, and there seems to be quite gratuitous freebies as well! :D Not only that, though, you will get to enhance your makeup skills, meet some new people and most of all get and learn tips and tricks from a professional makeup artist, so it would be a great experience in my opinion. To be honest, I am personally intrigued and would love to attend it myself, as I am quite interested in RMK and would love to experience their products more apart from the RMK Liquid Foundation (Reviewed here), RMK Pressed Powder N and RMK Cheek Brush S which I own and love, but I am unable to commit as I am still unsure when I will be able to get my behind back to K.L. at the moment :( But if I am able to make it I would definitely attend! :D

What about you? Are you interested/intrigued and planning to attend? :)

Also, today is a special day, not just because of the debut of Beaute Fabuleuse‘s first news post, but because it is dear Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything‘s birthday! Yes we are 10 days apart :P Please don’t forget to wish her a very happy birthday and all the best in everything! <3 I do hope she’s enjoying herself! ;)


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