Saturday Meme- 5 Favourite Books

This week is going to be a small little simple Saturday Meme, since both Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything and I are quite busy lately (Her post this week is postponed again) :) And considering that the both of us love reading and as a whole, books, we give you this week’s Saturday Meme5 Favourite Books! Wait, 5? There must be more, you say. Well, yes, there should be way more than just 5 but I don’t want to bore you so I’m going to just write about 5 :P

So here’s my 5 Favourite Books not listed in order of favouritism. I chose this 5 as the ones that came into my head, and mostly ones that have left quite an impression on me and ones that I’ve been reading over and over again without really getting bored of :)

1. American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Image nicked from Neil Gaiman

I own, and have read most, if not all of Neil Gaiman‘s novels and short story anthologies, but my favourite has got to be American Gods. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of Neil Gaiman‘s works and a fan of his writings, but American Gods is the one book from him that constantly stands out in my head (Second place goes to The Graveyard Book, however) and whenever I think of Neil Gaiman‘s books. Maybe it’s because of the way mythology is intertwined (I am a huge fan of mythology) into the story, maybe it’s because it’s a grippingly interesting tale on its own, I don’t know, American Gods is definitely one Neil Gaiman book that I love!

2. The Tale Of Murasaki by Liza Dalby

Image nicked from here

Enchanting is the word to describe this book. It’s set in the Heian period in Japan, and for that reason this book is quite a beautiful piece of work. I particularly love the snippets of poetry laced in the story (It plays a rather important role), and the descriptions of the attire, and I am enthralled by the culture of the book as a whole. I always end up feeling a little more “cultured” after reading it, because that’s how the book is to me. This is easily the oldest book in this list, and I still do re-read it from time to time :)

3. At Home: A Short History Of Private Life by Bill Bryson

Image nicked from here.

Similar to Neil Gaiman, I own and have read quite a number of Bill Bryson‘s books available to me- Neither Here Nor There: Travels In Europe, Notes From A Big Country, Down Under, Mother Tongue: The English Language, A Short History Of Nearly Everything and At Home: A Short History Of Private Life. At Home is easily my favourite Bill Bryson book of all the ones I have as I enjoy it the most. It’s history and fact and story all in one, dealing with a range of topics on the evolution of private life such as hygiene, death, the spice trade and so on all linked together by his house, and it leaves quite an impression on me. It’s also very informative :P

4. Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader

Image nicked from here

Pardon the title, I know it may be a little unsavoury but this book series is simply awesome! One Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader can last me more than a week with my usual every night reading as it’s thick, which is really great considering how fast I blaze through books :P It’s an informative and engaging read, featuring long- and medium-length articles covering a variety of topics, trivia and facts and quizzes, and is surprisingly quite a light read too, meaning that you can easily pick it up and put it down anytime. They have very pun-ny titles too!

5. The World According To Clarkson

Image nicked from here

OK, I have pretty much all of The World According To Clarkson books, which are the books barring the ones in which he talks about cars :P I cannot choose which specific book from the series to add to this list, though, because I re-read all of them and I have no favourite particular one. They are all just simply hilarious and I find myself laughing whenever I read them, so it puts me in a good mood. I am admittedly an Anglophile and nothing gets me more than British humour, and I can find absolutely no shortage of it in Jeremy Clarkson‘s books :D

Do share your favourite book(s) with Sukie and me in the comments, and especially let us know if you’ve joined in the Saturday Meme and blogged about it! ;) Please forgive my shorter-than-usual ramblings or any incoherence I may have made as I am tired at the time of writing and have work! *_*


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