Sunday Tip #16

Every Sunday I shall share here a beauty tip that I’ve read or heard about, and leave my comments or thoughts on it. Please feel free to leave your views, too! :)

Believe me, it saves a LOT of time and frustration. Sure, it may be awesome to have the latest, trendiest haircut, but when you can’t style it on your own without a team of dedicated hair stylists or without the skill of one you’re bound to feel disappointed and annoyed and not to mention you’ll waste a lot of time just doing your hair, so try go with what looks good on you, and you can manage on your own- if you want some individuality because you think your hairstyle is too “plain” or “common”, you can opt for colours, and hair accessories are always available! :P

In the same vein I would always recommend people to embrace their natural hair texture and work with it instead of against it. For me, I have naturally thick wavy hair, and I used to have it straightened/rebonded  constantly- sure, the straight, sleek hair was easy to manage and take care of (Wake up and go, no applying a lot of products to style it after washing it), but in the long run maintenance was high as the regrowth was always very horrible (Thick wavy hair jarring against the straight sleek hair) and I needed to get the procedure done every 3-6 months… which was of course expensive and very damaging as well due to chemical processing. Now that I’ve had it permed to give my waves more “boost” and definition (Not to mention I look better with curly/wavy hair as opposed to straight), I only need to go through chemical processing once a year at the very least, and regrowth at least looks natural! Only thing is I need to invest in slightly more time to apply hair products after washing but I’m happier! :D


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