Happy 26th Birthday To Me!

Haha yes, a rather self-indulgent post, but birthdays do come only once a year right? :P

As I’m writing this I am in Labuan, having arrived yesterday night. There’s no huge birthday celebration, but am glad nonetheless to have my parents and my dear boyfriend Louis with me (My brother has to take care of the home and our pets in K.L.) :) There’ll be a nice dinner at the Grand Dorsett Hotel Labuan here on a Saturday for sure though (Not this Saturday though), and oh, seafood, yay! :D

However, what’s a beauty blog without something beauty-related, eh? ;)

A little birthday treat from the boyfriend- the beautiful Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette ;) Managed to snag a brand new one! I know it’s late… but meh, I’m late on the eyeshadow bandwagon anyway! :P Am really lucky that dearest has managed to get me it because it’s simply gorgeous!

Anyway, not to worry, with the exception of Saturday Meme and Sunday Tip (They might be slightly more sporadic, it depends), the usual weekly posts are covered, phew!


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