Saturday Meme- 5 Pet Peeves

Welcome to this week’s installment of Sukie‘s of A Little Bit Of Everything and my Saturday Meme! :) For this week again we’re going to be diverting again from beauty-related stuff and instead of sunshine and rainbows, dear Sukie suggested that we talk about things that annoys us, hence our 5 Pet Peeves :P It would be quite abnormal if you didn’t have stuff that annoys you, right?

This post might sound a little bitchy (Excuse the language :P) and/or ranty, but I guess that is what happens when you talk about things that annoy you :x So here are my 5 Pet Peeves, listed not in order, and not by degree that annoys me the most :P There are more pet peeves that I have of course but these are the ones that just came to mind as I’m writing this post down haha!

1. Disorganisation

Image nicked from here.

In other words- clutter or a mess. It could be my obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) speaking, but I absolutely cannot stand disorganisation of any sort, and this is especially true when it involves things that belong to me, my space (My room for instance) or if I’m sharing space(s) with others (Unfortunately), though it applies more to the first two :s I think the longest personal record I’ve had for leaving my room messy (With papers on my table and books on the floor, for example) was two days, due to illness, and after which I couldn’t take it and cleaned up, sick or not :P For this reason also I clean my room, without fail, once a week, and try to do a more thorough cleaning once a month.

2. People who are mean to animals

Image nicked from Daily Otter

I think this is pretty self-explanatory? It’s a huge pet peeve, that also pisses me off big time. Especially if the animal in question happens to be a pet, which one should be loving and caring for, or an animal who has in no way attempted to provoke the person. There should be a special level in Hell for people like that :x

3. Not being punctual

Image nicked from here.

This is another huge pet peeve of mine. I personally strive to be early to any meeting(s) or appointment(s) I may have, and would rather spend time waiting than have others wait for me. In fact, I really dislike it when people use the excuse of “traffic jam” to be late, which is very common here in West Malaysia. My reasoning is that if you know where you’re going and what time you should be there, and you know the route(s) you’re taking are going to be jammed up, plan your journey and/or leave earlier! Though yes, sometimes things are unavoidable (Traffic accidents for example) that make you late, and that’s happened to me sometimes, but I still find leaving earlier gives me time to even crawl through traffic, unless I am going to one place from another in a short time span in which case… but I digress. Keep being not punctual, though, and I will seriously hate you :(

4. Perfume overdose

Image nicked from Marc Jacobs Fragrances.

People, dousing yourself in perfume is just as bad as having unpleasant body odour, and none is better than the other. This doesn’t help especially when people who tend to do this use lower quality perfume, which really irritates my nose >_< Sorry, not trying to be whatever-ist here (Both genders do this), but this has always been my experience with people who overdose on perfume and it annoys me a lot ._.

5. Unnecessary shorthand

Image nicked from here.

Ppl who owez wnna taip lik dis, especially when there are no word/character limits (Because then it’ll be slightly understandable), need to be hit on the head. With a chair. Made of metal. Or solid wood.  Repeatedly. It does not make you look cute/friendly/whatever “positive” traits you associate it with, but it especially makes you look very unprofessional and immature. If you attempt to initiate conversation through text with me by typing like that, be assured that you will be ignored and/or blocked -_-

OK, so there you have it, my 5 Pet Peeves :P To be honest, I approached this topic with slight trepidation mainly because I didn’t know what to write (And there’s too much to choose from, and at the same time not wanting to be extremely controversial), but as I got started it all came flowing nicely so I’m quite thankful for that! :)

Do also remember to check out Sukie‘s 5 Pet Peeves on your way out, and do let us know in the comments if you’ve joined in the Saturday Meme fun! ;)


2 thoughts on “Saturday Meme- 5 Pet Peeves

  1. ROFL (oops) at your final pet peeve!! or shall I taip liddis? ;) soz soz i dowan to piss u off further =D On a more serious note, punctuality for me is key or I shall punch you. I especially can’t stand wedding receptions that do not start on time. For mine (and yours too I’m sure since we are such soulmates hehe) if I say proceedings start at 7 I will go ahead with it even though there are a handful of guests because… Let’s just say I’m mean like that.

    p/s: My room currently looks like photo number 1. Oh dear.

    • LOL! OK “shorthands” like ROFL and LOL are still acceptable OK? :P As for “soz”… what the hell. Oh yes, I cannot stand anything that doesn’t start on the promised time- it’s wasting people’s time!

      P/S: It’s acceptable under certain conditions, my room was like that when I was moving too BUT I try to make it as “disorganised” as possible just to calm my mind down >_<

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