Lovely Fings From Fushigi Shop

As I’ve mentioned in this previous post of mine, I have a huge thing for handmade items as they make me happy, and one of my favourite avenues for beautiful handmade things at the moment is Fushigi Shop, introduced to me by none other than Sukie from A Little Bit Of Everything (You are a bad, bad influence, missy).

Fushigi Shop is the wonderful creation of the lovely Yasumi, curator of the House Of Blues, also known as Worshipblues. Not only does she write in the most whimsically beautiful way and takes simply stunning photographs, her creations are astoundingly bespoke and in a word: gorgeous. In the own words of Fushigi Shop themselves: “This is no ordinary shop“, and I can assure you that it really isn’t!

Dear Sukie was my catalyst to owning the “fings” (As Yasumi calls them) I have from Fushigi Shop– not one, but two pretty “fings”! :D And I dare say now that I am mightily pleased as punch with them, and you shall see why :)

I mentioned that I love handmade items because of the personal touches that comes with them, not just from the item itself (Which is crafted with much love and care), but everything surrounding it, for example the packaging that they come with- which in this case is aesthetically pleasing to me. I don’t know, it gives me a lovely vintage-like feel, and is definitely perfect as a gift! The labels also have a little thank you note on them, at the back ;)

The lovely “fings” revealed! A necklace (On the left) and a bracelet (On the right). The necklace is christened “Songbird” (If I remember correctly) and doesn’t seem to be for sale anymore (Hence being unable to check the name, please correct me if I’m wrong!), and the bracelet is known as “Spindles“.

A closer shot of both “fings” is necessary because they’re just too gorgeous! All items also come with a little background “story” of their own, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

The Songbird necklace was actually my first purchase from Fushigi Shop and it was one of the first things I was enamoured with when I first saw the shop after being introduced to it by Sukie :x It did not disappoint- it is very beautifully crafted, very solid yet delicate at the same time and the details of the necklace is just simply amazing- the photo just doesn’t do it as much justice as it ideally should, trust me.

Now the Spindles bracelet is a bit more special- it is Sukie‘s and my friendship bracelet, though the one she has has different coloured Swarovski crystals :D Yes, it may seem corny and juvenile, I know, but it’s my first friendship bracelet ever and it is incredibly special because of that! The bracelet itself is very fine and delicate, and seems to give me the impression of grace and elegance, and no less gorgeous.

Included with the “fings” are a little tiny card, and a “letter”- all together thanking you for your patronage, details the care of your “fing(s)” and also highlights the Fushigi Shop guarantee, as you can see, and this is another reason why I love handmade items so much. It amuses me to no end reading it, though, and gave me giggles every time I do :D

Here’s a shot of the Songbird necklace and the Spindles bracelet on me. Please do excuse the bad lighting, I’m still not very good at taking self-shots to be honest and I have quite dismal lighting when it comes to that :P

The Spindles bracelet is unfortunately far too long for my wrist, so much so that I could easily slip it off and on through my hand even when fastened at the “tightest” setting, and that’s not exactly ideal. It was my mistake for overlooking the length, though, I didn’t know I had such a small wrist :( I shall be contacting Yasumi to see what can be done, though (When my busy-ness dies down a little soon), so no worries! :)

Fushigi Shop is based in the United Kingdom, in London to be exact. I paid £9.50 for the Songbird necklace and the Spindles bracelet was a lovely, lovely gift from Sukie to commemorate our friendship :) You can also check out their Facebook page here! There’s always something new being created, such as a silver version of the Spindles bracelet (If gold is not your cup of tea, though ours is considered the “first” version of the bracelet and that came in gold) and right now, I have my eye on the “Sprig” bracelet >_<

And last but not least…

… yes, yes it is.


3 thoughts on “Lovely Fings From Fushigi Shop

  1. LALALALALALA we all love shiny fings!! <3 sorry about the late comment but here's to more shiny fings!! *skips about happily* =D We need to wear our shiny fings when we meet then we can send Yasumi a pic! =D

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