Hello From Labuan!

As some of you may know I am currently in Labuan at the moment for work-related issues, and will only be back on Monday, 13th August 2012 evening.

As my working schedule is currently unpredictable and me being all pooped out by the end of the day most of the time, I am unable to keep up with my blogging schedule for now and will thus have to  take a brief break until I return next week at least. This also means that this week’s Saturday Meme with dear Sukie of A Little Bit With Everything and my Sunday Tip will not be going up- they have been postponed to next week and I promise you it will be up then!

In the meantime, here are some very random snippets of some photos I took around Labuan this week (Mostly work-related though). It’s not much as I’m usually either busy running around or handling a huge amount of paperwork but you get the idea :P At least you get a slight glimpse into what I, my family and my dearest boyfriend Louis are doing! :)

Sunset from my flight to Labuan– departed in the evening flight so was able to catch this :) I love how the clouds can make the view look like an icy Arctic landscape, but not so much in this photo.

Ayam masak merah (Literally “red-cooked chicken”) with rice- one of the best in-flight meals Malaysia Airlines offered on the Kuala Lumpur to Labuan route so far! :P The cake is delish, too.

Saw this at a local restaurant (Black Gold Cafe) and couldn’t resist XD The menu is quite full of puns actually, e.g. Western Union for Western food, You And Mee for noodle dishes…

The view from my room window! We now stay above the office, which is located in basically a warehouse, but it’s super spacious and comfortable and caters to our needs. It’s also super sunny (It gets a lot of sun), which also means that it has very nice lighting in the day. And yes our lot is next to a little hilled forest so we get greenery too!

One of our main important work equipment- walkie talkies, to enable us to keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the ports (And sometimes on board the ships), and so we are kept updated on when are the ships/barges coming in :P Though it can get a little noisy and sometimes you hear bored people having impromptu karaoke sessions and making their own radio channels on the walkie talkie channels XD

A shipment of pillows came in for a ship, all 150 of them >_> They came at night so we had to wait for them. Such is our working schedule :P

Louis insisted that I bring my Panasonic Lumix LX-3 camera along (Even though I barely have the opportunity to really take photos), and he surprised me with a ring light flash to help me with my photography endeavours! :D Thank you so much sweetheart <3

A view of Labuan town from one side of the island. You can see Financial Park from here- it’s on the right side of the photo. It’s the main offshore centre and doubles as a shopping mall, but that only takes 2 floors :P Most government offices and banks are located there too, though.

A view of the water village and the Labuan Shipyard And Engineering facility.

One of the best nasi briyani ever! Only available on Sundays at a place called LA Banana Leaf (Which, by the way, has the best banana leaf rice ever too). And they also serve up one of the best teh tarik in town in my opinion :D

Dad decided to take me on board an oil and gas support vessel- the Crest Nautilus 1, also known as to us as simply CN1 :D They were carrying a diving bell and some other diving-related equipment to support a project at the time of these photos. It’s always interesting to go on board for sure and I always enjoy doing so :)

Food on board the vessel. They can really have the best food most of the time, but I didn’t get to try these as I just had lunch before going on board :( As a child my family and I would always go on board ships for barbeque dinners- the captain and the crew would throw barbeque dinners on the ship and we’d always be invited. Sadly now it’s quite scarce but ah… memories!

Saw this Veuve Clicquot champagne with its shopping bag (Which is actually also a chiller bag to keep the champagne cold during transportation) at the duty free shop where my family and I usually frequent and Dad got it for me :D Thanks Daddy <3 And yes it costs RM 185. I’ve been better this time in not hauling so much alcohol when I can only bring one bottle back per trip :P I now have both Moet et Chandon and Veuve Clicquot! Hurrah for duty free!

Yes in case you didn’t know, Labuan is one of the two duty free islands in Malaysia, the other being Langkawi. Though things (E.g. alcohol and chocolate) are usually slightly cheaper here in Labuan because we’re not as “famous” as Langkawi (Most people in West Malaysia don’t seem to have heard about Labuan even) and don’t get as much influx of people as Langkawi does ;)

Labuan’s weather is seriously unpredictable :P The first 3 days I was here it was seriously searing hot, then on the fourth day it rained at night- started off as a drizzle then turned into a full-blown heavy rain for a while, then stopped, then straight full-blown heavy rain again. Then it was still hot but not searing, and on one day had rained for about 10 minutes in the afternoon before clearing up completely >_>

I hope that you’ve enjoyed having a peek into my Labuan life! There are more photos I could take to show but that would just make this post never-ending :P I promise I’ll get back to regular beauty blogging and have my weekly posts (Saturday Meme and Sunday Tip) up when I am back in Kuala Lumpur and have all settled down :)


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