Moniko Handmade Vintage Kimono Clutches

I have a really HUGE thing for anything handmade. Even better if they feature Japanese fabrics or prints, which I personally find very beautiful most of the time. So having stumbled upon these lovely clutches, handmade from vintage kimono, at a shop called Allison’s Place in Damansara Heights (When dearest Mummy and I ended up to run some company-related errands), I was over the moon. Not only is it handmade and of Japanese fabric, but also vintage, which is a huge plus! And kimono, which I really, really love.

Random fact: I own a vintage kimono (Just the kimono, apart from my two yukata sets), which is very very beautiful but very very expensive, and I am looking forward to expanding my collection in the near future hehe!

They are handmade by Moniko, and to be more specific, they’re made from vintage kimono obi, which are the “belts” or sash of the kimono and are thicker and sturdier than the kimono itself. These in particular were made from fukuro obi, which are obi worn at ceremonial and celebratory events. Each clutch comes with a little description and story about the fabric used (One- the one with the green design, dates back from the year 1970), as well as a product number, which makes it really so unique at the same time!

OK enough teasing I guess!

This how the clutches that I got look- both front and back ;) There are several other designs, but I picked these two mainly because of their kiku (Chrysanthemum) motives (One of my favourite Japanese motives), and also because they are, in my opinion, one of the more strikingly patterned ones in the collection they had.

The rough estimate of the size, with my iPhone as comparison, and how they look opened. They are pretty big, actually, but not bulky, and hence it is very suitable for use! Some, if not most clutches I have seen are pretty… small, and considering the very bare minimum I bring out are my iPhone and wallet when I do use a clutch, they really don’t work for me and hence I don’t own them- these are my first clutches ever!

The inside is pretty spacious too actually, with a little zippered pocket sewn in as well for smaller knick-knacks. For me that would mean that I can have the luxury of bringing out more stuff- such as lip balm and/or lipstick, a packet of tissues, a packet of mints and a small handheld mirror maybe!  :P You never know when you need them and no rooting about looking for them.

Here is how they look at the back, open, which showcases their designs more. Very beautiful, no? I really love these designs in particular- kiku (Chrysanthemums) and sensu (Fans) for the one on the left and kiku (Chrysanthemums) and seigaha (Blue waves) for the one on the right :D

A montage of the details of the beautiful fabric. The photos just don’t really do them as much justice as I’ve wanted to, honestly. They’re simply breath-takingly gorgeous! Sorry for gushing so much :P

I can foresee myself using these clutches not just on formal occasions if I can, because they’re just so beautiful and functional, and not to mention that they seem to go along well with almost anything in my wardrobe!

I bought them for RM 185 each from Allison’s Place (Upstairs). I find it a very reasonable price for the quality, beauty and size. They also have other things from Moniko, such as tote bags and spectacles cases which are made from kimono fabric if I am not mistaken (As they are softer than the clutch’s fabric), as well as furniture, antiques and a LOT of handmade bric-bracs! Do check them out if you can :)


6 thoughts on “Moniko Handmade Vintage Kimono Clutches

    • No worries my dear, but they’re not big roomy tote bags like Longchamp Le Pliage but more like those square-shaped book bags! I will definitely bring you there when you’re back if you want ;D

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