Delayed Saturday Meme- 5 Lusts Of The Month

This week’s Sunday Tip is temporarily replaced with a delayed Saturday Meme– something new that Sukie of A Little Bit Of Everything and I have come up with, but it was kind of late when we did hence the post being up on a Sunday instead :) Sunday Tip will be back up next week and there will be a meme post every Saturday (Hopefully!) :P

So, anyway, as per the title, these are my current 5 lusts of the month, in no particular order:

1. Mulberry Alexa

Image nicked from Mulberry.

I think this is a permanent resident on my lust list. I forgot when I started erm, lusting after this bag, but I really really really like it. A trip to the local Mulberry store in Suria KLCC quite some time ago just to view it physically further cemented my love for this bag because it does meet my fussy bag specifications- the fact that it can be slung on the shoulder or cross-body (In case one shoulder gets tired), the size (Not too big and not too small) and most importantly, how it looks on me. It’s simply, to me, beautiful and just right. Oh well, soon! Though I don’t think I plan to get it in Malaysia :P Oh, and I like it in dark brown, not black or any other colour for some reason.

2. A crown ring

Image nicked from Indulgent Designs on Etsy.

Somehow, I love these rings. I find them very special and unique. I’ve had my eye on the Poh Kong Disney Princess crown ring (Which is like a whole crown/tiara as pictured) for quite some time but for some reason have not brought myself to buy it for myself… so we’ll see :P I might get that or I might get the one(s) pictured hmm decisions decisions!

3. More Inglot eyeshadows

Image nicked from Inglot.

This is no thanks to Sukie in many ways :P I have recently acquired a pair of Inglot eyeshadows and palette (From the Freedom System) for my Lady Loki cosplay project makeup (My first proper eyeshadow set/duo!) and am testing them out… and I have to say that even on first impressions I am absolutely LOVING it. A full review will be up later once I have tested them sufficiently enough and am able to take a decent self-shot :x But in the meantime I quite badly want to try out other colours! This may be the one to make me actually experiment with/play with/use eyeshadows O_O

4. By Terry Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer

Image nicked from By Terry.

This is again no thanks to Sukie, who has not only kept recommending it to me while I am on my search for a good or at least decent undereye concealer that will make me look well-rested (My main criteria for an underye concealer for now), but has also reviewed it here! Reviews of this product in general seems to be simply fabulous though- the only catch? It seems to be quite difficult to acquire… that’s why it’s on my lust list because I really want to try it out but will have to wait! :P Though I will be patient :)

5. A Lady Loki cosplay

Image nicked from KelseyMichele on DeviantArt

As mentioned, I have a Lady Loki cosplay project in mind, which will basically be a female version of the movie version of Loki! I’ve always loved the idea of cosplay ever since I was… what, 13? 14 years old? but have never had the time and resources mainly. But now that I somewhat do, I intend to bring this idea to fruition. I chose Lady Loki because it’s considerably simple based on photos of other cosplayers who have done it that I’ve seen- be it an inspired version (Pictured) or the comic version :D My biggest inspiration and the one I’m most likely to base my cosplay on is the one pictured, with some modifications of my own of course. Maybe later I’ll do a proper comic version Lady Loki ;)

In the meantime do check out Sukie‘s 5 Lusts Of The Month too, which I believe would be better than mine and we do share some similarities (Before I swapped them out for other lusts) :P And if you would like to join in the fun doing the meme on your blog you can leave a comment and we’ll be on it! :D


3 thoughts on “Delayed Saturday Meme- 5 Lusts Of The Month

  1. I think your list is equally, if not more interesting than mine! I especially like the addition of your Lady Loki (or is it Bunny ;) costume! And I want everything on your list too T__T especially Alexa! :p

    • Ah but I love reading your list a lot, compared to my own list that is hehe :P Oooh yes Bunny Loki ;) It was a random addition but I am glad you liked it! Thank you so much! <3 Tsk tsk @ Alexa! :P

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