Happy Leap Day!

Sorry about the absence of last Sunday‘s Sunday Tip >_< Been quite busy with helping my boyfriend with his move to Labuan, which is where I am as well now with him since Monday :)

I’ll be here for approximately 3 weeks, but fret not! I’ve got some posts drafted and photos taken- but my laptop here has no Adobe Photoshop and there’s a lack of a memory card reader so it might take some time to get the posts up. That, and I am here mainly for work, so although I promise I won’t be on a complete hiatus, posts will be quite sporadic.

In the meantime, Happy Leap Year Day! :D It comes once every 4 years so make the best out of it :P


4 thoughts on “Happy Leap Day!

  1. can’t wait for you to come back sweetie!!! </3 Missing you already T__T

    Psst… There's WordPress for iPhone so there's no reason for you NOT to blog!! =D

    • I’m missing you toooo! T____T Oh and Hanny of course, and Lily :P Thank goodness for Twitter and other social media T____T </3

      I know! That's why I have posts drafted, just need to post-process and watermark photos hehehe :D

      • ooh I have iWatermark on my phone which makes things a lot easier for my iPhone photos!! I hope Labuan’s treating you well, do take good care of yourself, drink loads of water and slap on layers and layers of sunblock!!! Okay I sound so Mum-ish now. By the way, do you know if there’s Gula Nipah / Apong in Labuan? =)

        • Ooooh I should try it- been using Photoshop for all of mine :P
          Thank you dear, I will! :D Got a little tanned but overall coping well here :P Hmm yes I think they do sell it in the markets here!

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