Sunday Tip #7

Every Sunday I shall share here a beauty tip that I’ve read or heard about, and leave my comments or thoughts on it. Please feel free to leave your views, too! :)

I read this tip quite a while back (Apologies for losing the source), and I have to say it’s my first time hearing it :P I used to exfoliate (With my homemade scrub I mentioned here) or my other scrubs AFTER shaving, as I thought it might help “scrub away” potential ingrown hairs, though I can’t say if my method worked. I didn’t experience any irritation, though. But I can understand the “extra smooth skin” part, as you’re buffing off the dead skin.

However, now that I’ve turned to waxing (At WAXxx) for my go-to hair removal method, I hardly shave unless for super important occasions (But then again, waxing keeps me hair-free for a relatively long time), but I still do exfoliate once or twice a week depending. It helps prevent ingrown hairs (As well as making your skin smooth), this I can confirm! :P


2 thoughts on “Sunday Tip #7

  1. I love scrubs and I never thought you can exfoliate AFTER shaving as it can irritate the skin! I have always wondered about waxing but I hear waxing puts you through so much pain that I never think I can put myself through a session! :s

    • I have quite sensitive skin (Though not as sensitive as my face…) but I can exfoliate after shaving just fine- no irritation that I’ve experienced so far :O I should exfoliate before shaving now :P Surprisingly waxing wasn’t that painful for me (Especially the armpits because after all it’s a small area and gets finished quickly) but the legs are a different story, especially the ankles >_< The other parts of the legs, even the insides of my thighs are still fine.

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