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I’ve known about Sweet Contemplation Accessories since its inception in 2009, as I also follow the beauty blog of Tine, the founder/creator/designer and all-over brains and hands behind it :) I love all her creations, but have often shied away or for some reason put off purchasing something. Maybe it’s because of the variety of choices, though I still have my eye on the Byzantium bracelet :P

You can also be assured that anything from Sweet Contemplation Accessories is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind! They have a large variety of accessories and also do custom orders ;)

My first experience with something from Sweet Contemplation Accessories was from the My Women Stuff Reader’s Choice Awards 2011, where all the attendees were given a necklace as part of its goodie bag- we weren’t told what it is, but it’s something! It turned out to be a really pretty, really well-made long dangly necklace. I was impressed and am pretty much very in love with it :)

Then I saw the necklace on this post and then on Twitter, and I was enamoured. I didn’t think much, and immediately requested for one :P It was a custom order, taking several emails to finalise the details, and I was super excited when it arrived, as it was my very first proper purchase from Sweet Contemplation Accessories! It looks way better in real life and when worn, and is simple yet elegant at the same time.

I’ll make a confession here though- I’d only wear the necklaces during special occasions or when the occasion calls for the need for them though. I tend to be quite loyal to the jewellery I am currently wearing and hardly take them off and switch around :x That, and I don’t want to risk accidentally ruining these lovely pieces! They do, of course, have a place of pride and love in my heart and are displayed out because they’re just too special and pretty to be relagated to the insides of my jewellery box :P

My Mum loves earrings a lot, and so I showed her Sweet Contemplation Accessories collection in hope of getting her something. She fell in love with two designs- Calypso and Penelope, but didn’t really like the pink crystal that originally came with Calypso, so I had to request for the crystal to be changed to something else, preferably turqouise as it’s my Mum’s favourite stone (She has a LOT of turquoise jewellery- necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings), and Tine did not fail to deliver! Mum is very impressed and pleased and loves her earrings a lot :D

My experience with Sweet Contemplation Accessories has been nothing short of excellent. Tine is patient, kind and very meticulous and detailed, making sure that she understands you correctly and does her very best to fulfill your needs and/or requirements and to make things easy for you :) Case in point, my necklace order coincided with her coming back to Malaysia, and she suggested mailing it to me from Malaysia to save on Australian postage fees despite her being busy during her trip. Talk about commitment and service!

The jewellery arrives in meticulous and well-thought-of packaging too- a padded envelope, bubble wrap, an organza pouch and tissue paper are the standard fares :P In the case of my necklace (As pictured), it also came with a velvet pouch. Opening the packages (Even though I roughly know what its contents would look like) often makes me feel like I’m opening something special and a suprise!

I also love the personal touches she adds to her packages. My first package (The necklace) came with a beautiful complimentary bookmark, and both packages (The necklace and the earrings) also have handwritten letters included, which never fail to put a smile on my face. It’s these personal touches when you’re purchasing something that makes the purchase even more special and unique, and it’s a huge plus in my books.

Am eagerly awaiting for the new collection, and would definitely be back to support Tine and Sweet Contemplation Accessories ;) These accessories will not be mine (And my Mum’s) first and last ones!

Here’s a special photo of Mum modelling her earrings :P

(Yes, that’s a tattoo on her neck by the way. One of her many.)


3 thoughts on “Accessories From Sweet Contemplation Accessories

  1. Wow thanks heaps for the very glowing review! Am also glad your mum liked the earrings :)
    I’ll add your review to my Testimonials page, if you don’t mind :)

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