Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year 2012!

It’s the year of the Water Dragon! I know it’s already the third day of the Chinese/Lunar New Year, which began on the 23rd January 2012, but it’s never too late to wish all my friends and readers of Beaute Fabuleuse a Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year 2012 (Since the festivities technically last for 15 days) :P I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support so far and may this year bring an abundance of good health and prosperity to everyone! :)

Sorry about the unexpected hiatus- have been busy and caught up with preparing and cleaning for the Chinese/Lunar New Year and I’ve been enjoying a lovely time with my family and boyfriend, as well as giving myself a nice, well-deserved break from settling my Masters degree application, which has finally been sent out before the holidays. I hope you’ve all enjoyed your holidays thus far :D

Posts should resume  after this week! :P


2 thoughts on “Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year 2012!

  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you too, my dear and may you and your family be blessed with prosperity and harmony! Ooh and I hope you’ll get your acceptance letter (or whatever it’s called) for your Masters as soon as possible!

    • Aww thanks my dear Sukie! :) Happy Chinese New Year and wishing you all the best, with good health, happiness and prosperity to both you and your family! I hope you’ll have a great year all right? :D

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