Sunday Tip #5

Every Sunday I shall share here a beauty tip that I’ve read or heard about, and leave my comments or thoughts on it. Please feel free to leave your views, too! :)

This is my little personal tip, and yes, I do this and have been doing this for quite some time already :P I mix them all into a jar and use it once or twice a week all over my body. The beauty about a homemade scrub is that you can customise how much of everything you want- more sugar for a grittier scrub, more honey for more moisturising properties or more olive oil for a more watery, easier to spread scrub if that’s your cup of tea. I personally use coarse sugar, normal honey and extra virgin olive oil, and I make enough for about a week’s worth of application because if water gets into it when you shower (Which does happen to me) it may or may not turn slightly funky after a while (Mainly due to the oil). You can even use it on your lips (Gently!) when it’s all dry and chapped. Just try not to eat it although it’s kind of edible (And I have tried a lick before) :P I’ve also been using Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub and it is simply delish!

I love how both the scrubs smell and how polished my body feels afterwards after using either one of the scrubs :D

Just remember to rinse out everything properly- I follow up with my usual body wash after scrubbing and rinsing and also rinse the shower area because there might be some residue and I don’t want anybody slipping.

Apologies for the lack of posts the past week- I’ve been busy settling my application for my Masters degree, which I have set a personal goal to have it sent out the week before Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year, even though the application closes end of this month. I still have 20%-30% to go, though! Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Tip #5

  1. Hi Stephanie, all the best with your Masters application! How has the application process gone for you? I’m in the middle of it myself, applying to a random host of 7 universities across the world and seeing where that takes me. I also hear you took the GRE – how did that go for you?

    • Hi Suan! :) Thank you for the well wishing, and good luck to you too in your applications! I’m applying yo just one- Nanyang Technological Uni in Singapore. I’ve prepared all the documents necessary for the application and am sending it all out by next week (Once I finalise the research proposal and get my passport photo taken), so fingers crossed. Yes, I took the GRE. I wouldn’t say it’s tough, but you’ll have to really brush up on your Maths especially algebra for the Quantitative section, and do a lot of vocabulary exercises for the Verbal Reasoning (You may have never encountered a certain word before). As for Analytical Writing, read up on as much as possible of the free guides available for the questions, they do help a lot! I hope my “advice” helps haha :D

      • Thanks Stephanie, I took the GRE last week actually – it wasn’t the best exam in the world but it wasn’t the worst, either. What are the cutoff scores for entry to the MA Sociology at NTU, do you know?

        • Yes agreed with you :) Not the best but certainly not the worst, at least they have stringent marking standards. All the best for you!
          I’ve tried inquiring about the cutoff scores, but they said it’s on a case by case basis- it kind of depends on your “batch”, as in how well you score with others who took the GRE around the same time as you as well. And the GRE is just one factor for the application, they have to look at other things too, e.g. for Sociology it’s research experience and the proposal.

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