WAXXX: My First Waxing Experience

I got “introduced” to WAXXX after reading Skin Deco’s review about it, and was immediately intrigued. Now, I’m a complete waxing virgin- I’ve never waxed any part of my body, and I’ve never even attempted waxing by myself. So what made me choose WAXXX as the place for my first ever waxing experience, when there are many other waxing salons? First of all, they are near- they’re located in Aman Suria, which isn’t too far from where I’m staying. Most of the more established and/or reputable waxing salons that I’ve heard and/or read of are usually located in Bangsar, which can be a little annoying when it comes to traffic and/or parking, and is quite a distance from my place.

Then, there was the Depilar System, which was the real icing on the cake. WAXXX is so far the only waxing salon in Malaysia that carries and/or offers the Depilar System, which is a permanent hair removal system based on enzymes, and is an alternative to procedures such as lasers and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) methods. It’s applied after waxing and slowly inhibits the growth of hair, and when performed at regular 4 week intervals over 12-24 months (Depending on area), one will see results similar to that of the laser and IPL methods, but this is easier, cheaper and less risky.

So which area did I decide to try my first waxing and the Depilar System on?

My underarms. No, I’m not too chicken (Or shy- far from it, really) to try other areas. I wanted to do my legs as well, but decided that my underarms were a more important region for me to be hair-free (Legs come second because of my work- I’m in sleeveless more than I expose my legs), and it would be a good introduction. I didn’t want to do it “down there” mainly because I’m happy with how it is (Trimmed) and I don’t see the need and/or want to wax my nether regions. Personal choice.

Painstakingly enduring slightly more than 2 weeks of having to not shave my underarms (And my boyfriend commenting on how “cute” it is and trying to pull it out every chance he could get), the day of my appointment finally arrived. It was tough considering I had to always wear sleeves during the entire time, and I was worried about getting two-toned arms :( I felt nervous, relieved and excited all together at once!

My first impression of WAXXX upon stepping in is that it’s pretty modern and hip- from the music blaring (House and/or techno, wouldn’t be out of place in a club but not loud and/or bad enough to give me a pounding headache) to the decor, which I found rather minimalistic, mod and tasteful. The ambience was just right without being intimidating to me.

After being attended by the lovely branch manager, Alycia, and filling in a form as well as answering questions ascertaining my suitability for waxing (Things such as if I have any allergies/skin problems, am I on any medication that may affect the sensitivity of my skin and if I was pregnant), I was handed over to Lilian, who would be my waxing technician for the day. Alycia also asked if I was sure I did not want to try their Hollywood waxing (All off down there) because I was using the offer code from Skin Deco, but no, I didn’t.

Lilian then lead to my room (Room 5, at the end of the left side of the corridor) to begin my waxing procedure, where upon arriving she described to me what I had to do to prepare myself- namely put my things on one side, lie down on the bed and subsequently expose my underarms. I was left alone and given some time to do so and whilst doing so found the bed a bit high for me to get on, but thankfully there was a step for which more vertically-challenged people such as myself could use to get up onto the bed.

I’d have to say the entire process took about 30 minutes at its maximum, including the Depilar System, which was applied after waxing, so it didn’t take very long. The process began by wiping my underarms with wet wipes, applying talcum powder, wax and the actual waxing itself and then the Depilar System. Repeat for the other side. The very first “pull”, I did not feel a thing at all. In fact, I barely felt anything during the entire duration! And because I had a late night prior to my appointment, I felt quite sleepy instead despite the bright overhead lights (For the technicians to see) and the music :P Lilian was very thoughtful- she asked throughout the procedure if the temperature of the wax applied was OK for me, and was very thorough and meticulous too. After waxing she spent quite some time tweezing away the hairs that waxing didn’t get, as apparently some of the hairs were too short :( Overall I think the time was spent more on tweezing than actual waxing, oops.

WAXXX has really high standards of hygiene as expected of a waxing salon in this day and age. They sterilise all their equipments and practise a strict no double dipping policy, which means that each spatula used to apply the wax is thrown away after just one use. It was also strictly enforced, as was during my waxing. They have two types of waxes as pictured- the one used on me was the pink strawberry-scented one which is for areas that are delicate such as underarms and bikini, and the other one was for larger areas.

While finishing up the entire procedure- waxing, tweezing and Depilar System, Lilian guided me through the aftercare or things I shouldn’t do for at least 24 hours afterwards. I was to try not to apply deodorant (Though she did say I could apply it after the procedure considering the weather, but I should at least try not to); no going for saunas, steam baths, hot tubs, etc.; not expose my underarms to the sun and not go swimming are the key ones. Being new to waxing, I also asked her some questions- such as should I shave while waiting for my next appointment (The answer is no unless I really need to, e.g. having to attend a formal function and bare my underarms), which she replied patiently.

Overall, I had a pleasant experience with WAXXX, and I have to say that I liked it a lot. They indeed live up to their name of hair removal experts :D The procedure did not hurt, both Alycia and Lilian were patient with me and my questions and were accommodating. They made me feel at ease and not embarrassed for being a waxing virgin for sure. I’m definitely going back, after all, I have my subsequent Depilar System treatments to follow up! :P

Underarm waxing + Depilar System treatment costs me only about RM 45. You could probably get it for cheaper at other places, but I don’t mind paying for the service at WAXXX :)

After the procedure, I find that my underarms look lighter (Shaving can make it look darker, which was a bane to me and also part of the reason I decided to try waxing instead) and felt much smoother. Even after a few days it was still smooth, regrowth has been very minimal (And much finer) and I’d say that the skin tone of my underarms now look like the rest of my skin, which is amazing. Even my boyfriend commented on it and he seemed pleased that it’s done so well too. Is it supposed to itch? Because mine hadn’t been. I’m definitely a convert to waxing now, and for my next appointment maybe I’ll consider waxing my legs as well ;)

WAXXX is located at:

J-G-17, Jalan PJU 1/43
Aman Suria, 47301
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

They can also be contacted by phone at 03-78805580 and alternatively you can also access their Facebook page for more information :)


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