I Love Uniqlo!

Yes, my love for Uniqlo warrants its own blog post :P It’s also partly suggested/recommended by Giddy Tigress, who mentioned something fashion-related for a change, and I had this post drafted on my personal blog for quite some time already so why not?

Uniqlo is a Japanese casual apparel brand and retail store that is apparently quite famous in Japan, and has outlets not only here in Malaysia, but also in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and even Russia, France, the United Kingdom and also the United States.

My love affair for Uniqlo started in August 2010 during my trip to Singapore, at the 313@Somerset in Orchard Road outlet to be more precise. I have heard about the store and brand before, but did not really expect to find it in Singapore, so it was a pleasant surprise :P And as seeing as there was no Uniqlo in Malaysia yet, bought a few things that caught my eye.

In November 2010 the first Uniqlo store in Malaysia opened in Fahrenheight 88, later followed by an outlet in Suria KLCC, and most recently, a year after the first outlet, they opened in 1 Utama.

My collection since then has grown :P

From a pair of red and black checkered trouser leggings, a black long-sleeved V-neck jersey top and a yellow-beige light coat, to include a blue printed maxi skirt, a pair of dark jeans-like trouser leggings, a flannel micro-fleece hoodie, a cotton jersey dress, a Wonder Woman t-shirt and their bra tops. Oh, and I have to include some of their undergarments too ;) The trouser leggings are made to emulate trousers (And have no usable front pockets though they look like they do, but the back pockets are functional), are more comfortable than skinny jeans or skinny pants and look better than leggings in my opinion. The hoodie is from the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, and I didn’t get any this year because I didn’t like the designs they offered, even though I want one as it’s lightweight yet keeps me so warm, especially during night plane flights!

As you can probably guess by now, my favourite article of clothing by Uniqlo are the bra tops. Surprisingly a bra top wasn’t one of the things I got from my first trip to Uniqlo in Singapore, but rather I got it when Dad saw an advertisement in the newspaper for their Smooth Dry innerwear t-shirts (It was on sale, and he has a thing for wearing these types of t-shirts over jeans, James Dean-style perhaps) and we went to their Fahrenheight 88 outlet. And the rest, they say, is history :D

Can’t blame me, really, the bra tops are very comfortable, versatile and not to mention they look good. I can pair them with almost anything- jeans, a suit, skirts, under dresses or loose tops, practically almost anything! Paris B and Viva Woman both have written about them, too :)

In my personal opinion Uniqlo really isn’t a place to go to if you’re looking for ultra-trendy, fashionable pieces, though once in a while they do come out with some gems. I personally tend to pick out the basic pieces from Uniqlo. It has been likened to Gap in a way due to the casual style of their clothing, and in a way it’s pretty true, though I find Uniqlo better than Gap for me as the sizes fit (Unlike Gap, which smallest size also seems to run too big for me) and it’s not as pricey (Do correct me if I’m wrong here though). Not to mention Uniqlo can be more colourful, too :P

They also do tend to come out with “series”- limited edition prints or styles or articles of clothing that run for a certain period of time before they’re all sold off. My boyfriend Louis has gotten a Gundam t-shirt during the first Uniqlo visit in Singapore, a t-shirt from their Corporate Collaborations series that featured logos and brands (Mainly Japanese ones, though) and more recently two t-shirts from their Gundam Illustrations series. The only items of clothing I picked up from a specific women’s series is the jersey dress which is from their Uniqlo X Zechia Designers Invitation Project series from my recent trip to Singapore in June 2011, the Wonder Woman t-shirt and most recently the Catwoman t-shirt (Which I only got yesterday, hence not in the group photo) from their Warners Brothers Project.

Prices range from about RM 24.90 to about RM 199 (Again, do correct me if I’m wrong), but sometimes they will have sales and/or promotions that they will either post on their website, advertise in the newspapers or announce in-store and then the price can get pretty decent! Though be warned, like the series that they come out with, stocks can run out pretty fast based on my own personal observation.

And yes, I’m a huge fan of the brand, though apparel-wise I’m also a huge fan of Desigual (Their dresses- 80% of my dresses are theirs) and Zara mainly :P

Uniqlo is available at Fahrenheight 88 at the corner near Sephora; Suria KLCC, which has been recently extended, near the centre court of the concourse and 1 Utama at the refurbished Old Wing near The Body Shop.


3 thoughts on “I Love Uniqlo!

  1. For a moment there, I thought you had confused me with someone else..haha…you know what? I have NOT stepped into a Uniqlo store before (shhhhhh…..). I just might. Soon.
    By the way, why aren’t there any pictures of you in your Uniqlo apparel? :)

  2. No I didn’t of course haha! :) After all, you did suggest something fashion-related for a change, so thank you :D
    It’s all right, after all they don’t have Uniqlo in Pg (Correct me if I’m wrong…) so take your time! But when you do visit one, I hope you might enjoy it :)
    I’m still trying to work out the best location/position/time to take self-photos :) I did think of taking a photo of myself in some of their apparel, but they turned out to be very amateur. I will probably do little lookbook posts once I get the hang of it, promise! :)
    And thank you for your support!

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