Hello And Welcome!

Hello there :)

Yes, I’ve jumped (back) into the beauty blogging bandwagon after having “quit” for about 3 years, and after toying with the idea for quite some time. At that time I wasn’t able to commit fully and funding was the major issue, but now I feel that I am able to relatively cope and ready to run a beauty blog. After all, I’ve gone through a myriad of products and services during that time in between (And in the process found stuff that works for me and now am strongly loyal to), so there should be enough material to write about (Hopefully) :P Also, with my attending the My Women Stuff Reader’s Choice Awards 2011, which I have wrote about on my personal blog here, I have become more inspired after meeting the beauty bloggers- owners/writers/editors of blogs whom I read almost religiously, in person.

Here’s a little toast (I guess) to the beginning of Beaute Fabuleuse! Please tell me what you think in the comments below (Suggestions are more than welcome, too), if possible, and spread the word around if you like it :D I’m feeling pretty excited already! Oh, and how apt that I launched this on 11th November 2011– such a memorable date indeed haha!

Please check out the About, About The Blog and Disclaimer And Policies pages for more information on this blog too! :)

Expect the first review on this blog  to be up sometime this weekend or the very latest by next week :D I have a few beauty-related stuff scheduled for myself these coming weeks too- a waxing appointment (My first!) and a facial appointment mainly, and also considering a pedicure but that’s not that important yet. Am also getting my hair dyed sometime in December. Red hair here I come again :P

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